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The OTRR Library has more than 75,000 individual episodes of more than 1,290 series for you to download - all FREE of charge. All of our materials have been verified through OTTER, the hobby's premier database program. The OTRR Library is updated on a regular basis, with new series, new episodes, or better encodes.


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I'm a member of another group or forum. Can I post a notice there about this free library?
Feel free to recommend it to your friends by posting to any group or forum you may beling to.

I notice that you have a list of dealers who do sell old time radio programs. What’s that all about?
Yes, we do recommend some old time radio dealers. These are people who we feel should be supported. They primarily sell otr as audio files, and the vast majority of them introduce new materials to the hobby on a regular basis. We feel that they are entitled to make a profit in order for them to continue to make new series/episodes available. And if you prefer to have old time radio programs on CD audios or in extremely high qualith audio, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing from these fine people. Most of them work closely with the OTRR organization, and supply us with needed materials, on request. Support those who have made this hobby what it is.

I like to listen to these programs. Are there organizations that I can join and support?
Yes, there are. You can do a search on Google for ‘old time radio organizations' that will give you a large number of groups that you can join. Additionally, there are many fine local clubs that would be happy to have you as a supporting member. You can find a list of these recommended clubs at The Old Time Radio Club Network . You can also access the Old Time Radio Researchers website. This is the largest of the internet organizations and is international in scope. We have members in over 20 countries, all working to research, preserve and make available the finest in old time radio, all free to those requesting it.You may also find a wide range of old time radio programs available at the Archive Library site. Just do a search on ‘old time radio’ in the search engine, located on their home page.

I want to start my own FTP Pay site. Can I download programs from it to start it?
Well, you could, but that would not be honest or ethical. This site is free. Why would you want to offer programs anyone can get here for free? Anyone who we discover is downloading from the OTRRLibrary and re-offering series/episodes for a charge will be dropped and the computer id noted so that they will be prevented from ever becoming a member again. Please do not abuse the generosity of the members and friends of the Old Time Radio Researchers organization.
Recently some pay sites have arisen purporting to offer 100,000 episodes. These were either taken from the OTRRLibrary or are unchecked duplicates and triplicates. Remember we spend over $5,000 a year obtaining new material or better encodes and you get them for free! Some of these pay sites are stating that they are going to buy new transcriptions, but remember, the OTRR has a purchasing group that has bought for 14 years, and is also a member of 4 other purchasing groups.

So where would you rather be? With the OTRR where you get everything for free or with some dubious site that you have to pay to download from. We think the answer is simple.

Why are some episodes encoded at 32, some 64, and some 96?
Good question! When the Library was first set up, we took what we could get. Since then we have been trying to update encodes on files as we can get them. Our goal is to eliminate the 32 encodes altogether. Where possible we will go to 96 encodes. Some have asked - Why don't you dump all files and go to 96. This would be an impossibility! To delete over 80,000 episodes and start over? Our patrons would start an uprising. But we will move to FLAC where possible.

Why are some episodes encoded in FLAC?
Over the next looooong time, we will be replacing Mp3 files with FLAC. FLAC provides a better listening envirement. FLAC files, while larger than the average MP3 files are plain out just better. Also you can work with FLAC files in audio manipilation programs. But not to worry, Mp3 files will be around for a long time in the library



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