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The OTRR Library has more than 61,000 individual episodes of more than 1,060 series for you to download - all FREE of charge. All of our materials have been verified through OTTER, the hobby's premier database program. The OTRR Library is updated on a regular basis, with new series, new episodes, or better encodes.


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Do I have to be a member of the OTRR organization to use the LIBRARY?
No. This library is set up for anyone, not just members of the OTRR.

What should I do when I join the group?
You should sign up for the blog and post a message to the last blog posted giving a brief statement with you name, how long you've been collecting, where you heard about the OTRRLibrary, etc.

Are there any restrictions on bandwidth?
Yes. Our server only allows 50 logins at a time. Therefore we ask that you be reasonable about the amount of time you spend in the library. Give the other card holders a fair chance to obtain episodes they are interested in.

If you are on dial-up, then naturally it takes you much longer to download files than someone who is on DSL or cable. You can stay on longer.

For those of you who are on cable, there is a limit of 10 gigs per calendar month. If you exceed that amount, your card is revoked until the first of the next month. If you exceed that amount on a frequent basis, then your card will be revoked for good.

How can I tell if I am close to using my bandwidth?
Keep a watch on the number of episodes you downoad. You can generally estimate from that. However, if you want to be absolutely sure, we recommend that you get a fantastic FREE program called 'Netmeter '. It monitors your upload and download bandwidths. This is great for those with restrictions placed on their bandwidth by their internet service providers. Even if you are not restricted on bandwith by your isp, Netmeter can help you monitor your downloads from the OTRRLibrary. You can put in 9.50 Gigs in the ' Notifications' window, and then just run the program when you are downloading from OTRRLibrary.

I am on cable. How long can I stay on at any one time?
We ask that again, you be reasonable. These files will be here for a long time, unless the server and bandwidth are continually abused. Don’t try to grab all the files at one time. We have a two year contract with the server. Again, remember your bandwidth limit.

How can you tell when someone has reached their download limit?
We have access to a daily report generated by the server that gives a wide range of information about the site, including who logs on, how much time they spend, the number of files they download, and the bandwidth they use. Your computer id number is also shown in that report.

What MP3 Player do you recommend?
We recommend the VLC Media player. It is an open source program and is free. It will play all of the various multimedia files, including MP3. It will also support FLAC which is a lossless program and is rated by many as being far superior to MP3s.
Update AUG 1, 2016 - We will be switching from uploading files to the Library in MP3 format and going to FLAC in the near future.. We would appreciate feedback from the Library members on this move. Please e-mail the Librarian at beshiresjim@yahoo.com with your opinion. Please use FLAC move in the subject line.

How often are new series or episodes added to the site?
During the construction phase you will find new series every few days. When the site is fully constructed, new material will be added as we obtain it. You will probally find it helpful to check on a weekly basis to see whats changed on the site.

Even though all the files are free, I want to help OTRR to get more series and/or episodes. How can I do that?
It is the policy of the OTRR organization that all radio programs should be available for free in the mp3 format, for those not wishing to pay for them. Our files are totally free, and you will never be asked to pay for the privilege of downloading. However, if you wish to contribute, the OTRR does have a treasury that assists in purchasing transcription disks, reel-to-reels, cassettes, CDAs, and other formats. We've spent over $15,000 in the past three years acquiring new materials. You can e-mail the Librarian for information on making contributions. But again, we emphasize, you will NEVER be asked for any money to download any of the programs from this site. Donations are cheerfully accepted, but not required. In face, 85% of our members do not donate.

I have some series or episodes that are not included in the library and want to donate them. How can I do that?
E-mail the Librarian to see if they might be in line for uploading. If they are new, then you will be provided with instructions on how to best do this.


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