New material in the Library

Here are some files that are supposed to be previously unavailable.

At Ease – #1508 – AFRS – Victor Young & the Orchestra (cleanedRAcon).mp3
Ellery Queen’s Minute Mysteries -   0130 – 00-00-00 – Mysterious Murders.mp3
Enchanted Hour #123 AFRS.flac
FBI in Peace and War 531021 #188 The Treasure Hunt AFRS.flac
Father Knows Best 540304 #150 Spring Cleaning AFRS.flac
Jack Benny 540207 #367 AFRS.flac
Let’s Pretend 540717 #328 Jason and the Golden Fleece AFRS.flac
Mr and Mrs North #119 Malice Toward None AFRS.flac
My Little Margie #34 AFRS.flac
Name That Tune #40 1st Tune Dixie AFRS.flac
Our Miss Brooks #162 AFRS.flac
Symphonette #131 AFRS.flac
The Whistler 530816 #287 Curtain AFRS.flac
Theater Guild on the Air #220 520309 The Search AFRS.flac
Twenty Questions 540303 #403 1st Subject Bobby McGuire AFRS.flac
Your Playhouse of Favorites #24 The Dusty Drawer AFRS.flac


6 Responses to “New material in the Library”

  1. JStew says:

    Where can I find The Whistler & Mr & Mrs North episodes? as they just go to a OTR Certified Library that contains no updated FLAC files. Just old mp3 files. Thanks Jim.

  2. handbuiltfilms says:

    I’m looking for the above mention Whistler episode as well.

  3. nightkey says:

    Ellery Queen’s Minute Mysteries – 0130 – 00-00-00 – Mysterious Murders.mp3 was Ellery Queen’s Minute Mysteries (023) Mysterious Ham

  4. JStew says:

    Yeah The Whistler just goes to site where there are no updates to any Whistler episodes. I have no idea where on the site these new Flac files are?

  5. handbuiltfilms says:

    No they are not.

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