Hoosier Hot Shots

This series has been re-worked.  You might want To take a look at it.

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  1. nightkey says:

    Warning to people who might want to download Hoosier Hot Shots. In almost the entire set each file is composed of a single 2 to 3 minute song. If you want actual programs, scroll all the way down to Hoosier Hot Shots 50-10-07 (x) Xxx 1st Song – Down in Jungle Town.flac and start from there down.

  2. nightkey says:

    Hoosier Hot Shots xx-xx-xx (01) First Tune – Here Comes A Cheerful Rain.flac is a mislabeled version of Hoosier Hot Shots xx-xx-xx (x) 001 1st Song – Here Comes That Cheer Parade.flac

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