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Chuck Schaden Interviews
Cisco Kid
Columbia Workshop

There many be some new episodes and definitely some new encodes at 96.
These may be new episodes or better encodes.

Chuck Schaden Interviews 1984-03-14 Virginia Gregg (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1984-03-22 Parley Baer (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1984-10-17 Jim Jordan (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1984-10-21 Shirley Mitchell (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1985-06-21 Tommy Bartlett (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1987-06-01 Ernie Winstanley (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1987-07-10 Paul Heyn (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1987-11-16 Mal Bellairs (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1988-06-15 Phil Harris (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1988-06-16 Ray Singer (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1988-06-17 Paula Winslowe (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1988-06-18 Phil Cohan (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1989-06-18 Capt William Eddy (by te.mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1989-07-09 Paul Renard (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1989-08-20 John Coughlin (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1989-10-11 Olan Soule (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1990-04-29 Jim Jordan Jr (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1990-11-03 Quiz Kids Reunion (96-44.mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1990-11-10 Shirley Bell (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1991-05-17 Casey Allen (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1991-05-17 Tommy Cook (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1991-05-18 Pacific Pioneer Broadcas.mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1991-07-20 Vivian Fridell (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1993-05-08 Tommy Bartlett Billy Lea.mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1993-05-22 Terry Salomonson (By Tel.mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1994-05-07 Ed Haacker (by telephone.mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1994-09-28 NBC Chicago Announcers R.mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1997-04-12 Rosa Rio (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1997-04-19 Peg Lynch (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1998-10-22 Larry Stevens (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1998-10-22 Ray Erlenborn (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1998-10-24 Ken Roberts (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1998-10-24 Toni Gilman (96-44).mp3
Chuck Schaden Interviews 1999-10-26 Robert White (96-44).mp3
Cisco Kid 520826 011 The Outlaw Who Dropped His Own Wallet.mp3
Cisco Kid 520828 012 The Thief Who Was Robbed.mp3
Cisco Kid 520916 017 The Fighting Editor.mp3
Cisco Kid 520923 019 The Sageland Stage.mp3
Cisco Kid 520925 020 The Larabee Land Grab.mp3
Cisco Kid 521007 023 The Stampede of Rim Rock Mesa.mp3
Cisco Kid 521009 024 The Poet of the Prairies.mp3
Cisco Kid 521014 025 The Innocent Rustler.mp3
Cisco Kid 521021 027 The Burial of Rance Baldwin.mp3
Cisco Kid 521023 028 The Cindy Parsons Story.mp3
Cisco Kid 530317 069 Night Stage.mp3
Cisco Kid 530319 070 Gunman for Hire.mp3
Cisco Kid 540420 183 Mistaken Identity.mp3
Cisco Kid 540422 184 Showdown at Quicksand Bend.mp3
Cisco Kid 580826 640 The Devil’s Highway.mp3
City, The 470309 xxx The Plastic Orchid.mp3
Club 930 491115 xxx 1st Song – Big Noise From Winnetka.  Hos.mp3
Club 930 491118 xxx 1st Song – I Never See Maggie Alone. Hos.mp3
Club Fifteen 50xxxx xxx Program #1. Red Cross syndication. 1.mp3
Clyde Beatty Show 500309 002 Crisis On The Set (64-48).mp3
Coke Club 460906 xxx 1st Song – I Don’t Know Why I Love You .mp3
Columbia Workshop 360926 xxx The Dream Makers – The Sound Mi.mp3
Columbia Workshop 361017 xxx Dauber.mp3
Columbia Workshop 361107 xxx Scoring for Radio (Golliwog’s C.mp3
Columbia Workshop 361121 xxx The Use of Theaters for Broadca.mp3
Columbia Workshop 361205 xxx Rhythm of the Jute Mill.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370109 xxx Control Engineers, Part 1 – Voy.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370206 xxx The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370328 xxx The Eve of St. Agnes.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370404 xxx Big Ben – Crisis.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370502 xxx Drums of Conscience.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370509 xxx Supply and Demand.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370516 xxx Paul Revere.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370530 xxx Discovery.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370606 xxx The Downbeat on Murder.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370620 xxx Red-Head Baker.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370718 xxx Fifty Grand.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370725 xxx A Matter of Life and Death.mp3
Columbia Workshop 370912 xxx Death of a Queen.mp3
Columbia Workshop 380716 xxx The National Headliners.mp3
Columbia Workshop 380723 xxx Murder in the Cathedral.mp3
Columbia Workshop 380929 xxx The Lighthouse Keepers.mp3
Columbia Workshop 381013 xxx The Brushwood Boy.mp3
Columbia Workshop 381020 xxx The Happy Journey to Trenton an.mp3
Columbia Workshop 381027 xxx Air Raid [WABC Aircheck] (96-44.mp3
Columbia Workshop 381103 xxx Poetic License.mp3
Columbia Workshop 381110 xxx A Drink of Water.mp3
Columbia Workshop 381208 xxx Man with a Gun & Two Musical Ex.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390105 xxx Orphan Ego.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390109 xxx Forgot in the Rains.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390116 xxx Mr. Whipple Is Worried.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390123 xxx Prophecy (no opening).mp3
Columbia Workshop 390206 xxx Do Not Open for 5,000 Years.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390227 xxx Jury Trial.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390417 xxx Highlights from CBS Musical Pro.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390424 xxx Seems Radio Is Here to Stay – R.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390508 xxx Wild Man.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390515 xxx The Law Beaters.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390529 xxx Private Throgg.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390605 xxx Highboy.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390612 xxx A Handful of Dust.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390619 xxx Listen to a Story (Journalism i.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390706 xxx The Half-Pint Flask.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390720 xxx John Brown’s Body.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390727 xxx Trip to Czardis {Repeats 38-12-.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390831 xxx Apartment to Let.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390907 xxx So This Is Radio.mp3
Columbia Workshop 390914 xxx The Use of Man.mp3
Columbia Workshop 391012 xxx Wake Up and Die.mp3
Columbia Workshop 391221 xxx Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk.mp3
Columbia Workshop 400118 xxx Fanny Kemble.mp3
Columbia Workshop 400125 xxx Heavenly Rest.mp3
Columbia Workshop 400201 xxx Coals to Newcastle.mp3
Columbia Workshop 400222 xxx The Autobiography of an Egotist.mp3
Columbia Workshop 400721 xxx The Canvas Kisser [muffled].mp3
Columbia Workshop 400825 xxx I Followed the Seals.mp3
Columbia Workshop 400908 xxx The Major Goes Over the Hill.mp3
Columbia Workshop 400915 xxx Mr. Charles.mp3
Columbia Workshop 401027 xxx Fulton Fish Market.mp3
Columbia Workshop 440516 xxx New York, A Tapestry For Radio.mp3
Columbia Workshop 440801 xxx A Pitch To Reluctant Buyers.mp3
Columbia Workshop 470201 004 Once Upon a Tune – The Sentimen.mp3
Columbia Workshop 470208 005 Once Upon a Tune – One of Our B.mp3
Columbia Workshop 470215 006 Once Upon a Tune – Henry the Sp.mp3
Columbia Workshop 470308 009 Once Upon a Tune – Ferdinand th.mp3
Columbia Workshop 470315 010 Once Upon a Tune – Tortilla Jon.mp3
Columbia Workshop 470419 015 Once Upon a Tune – When the Wor.mp3

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  1. BobbyP says:

    Columbia Workshop 390424 xxx Seems Radio Is Here to Stay, is actually a rebroadcast dated November 5, 1945.

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