Looks Like We Have Everything Fixed

Looks Like we have all the problems  sorted out.  Don’t know if I have already posted these or not.

One Night Stand (Buddy Rich -1946-04-16_0951, 1st – Let’s Blow (c).mp3
Bob Hope 45-09-25 #113.mp3
Chamber Music Society 500708 #01 AFRS.mp3
Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street – 500708 – AFRS #001 – 1st Alexander’s Ragtime Band.mp3
Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street – 500729 – AFRS #004  – 1st Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street-1943-09-26_xxxx_Guests – Olsen and Johnson, 1st – By the Sea (SSD #2)(c).mp3
Chuck Mulkern Program 31(c).mp3
Chuck Mulkern Program 32(c).mp3
Chuck Mulkern Program 33(c).mp3
Chuck Mulkern Program 34(c).mp3
Great Gildersleeve – 450128 – AFRS #075 – Aunt Hattie Forrester arrives.mp3
Great Gildersleeve 450211 #77 AFRS (C).mp3
Guest Star-1948-05-09_0059_Burns and Allen(c).mp3
Guest Star-1948-05-16_0060_Fanny Brice as Baby Snooks(c).mp3
Guest Star-1951-12-02_The New Agent (With Walter Brennen)(c).mp3
Guest Star-1951-12-09_0246_Martha Tilton, 1st – Little Boy(c).mp3
Laff Parade-1934-xx-xx_0029_1st – Solitude (Martha Raye)(c).mp3
Laff Parade-1934-xx-xx_0030_1st – I Hate to Talk About Myself (Three Ambasadors)(c).mp3
Life of Riley 460525 Replacing Fibber Mcgee #149 AFRS (C).mp3
One Night Stand 4 #508 Ted Straeter Remote – Hotel Mark Hopkins, SF.mp3
One Night Stand 450119 #541 Dick LaSalle Remote – Mural Room, Hotel St. Francis, SF.mp3
Our Cats-1953-11-20_0150_Cat Postcards and Photographs(c).mp3
Our Cats-1953-11-27_0151_Animal Birth Control(c).mp3
Our Cats-1953-12-04_0152_Animal Photography, Part 1 – Guest – Clara Faulkner(c).mp3
Our Cats-1953-12-12_0153_Animal Photography, Part 2 – Guest – Clara Faulkner(c).mp3
Our Cats-1953-12-18_0154_Short Stories About Cats(c).mp3
Our Cats-1953-12-25_0155_Christmas Day Program(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-01-01_0156_Thoughts on Anti-Vivisection(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-01-08_0157_Commemorating the Start of the Program’s Fourth Year On the Air(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-01-15_0158_A Defense of Cats(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-01-22_0159_’Our Humans’ – As if Spoken by a Cat)(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-01-29_0160_The 10 Commandments are for all Higher Creatures(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-02-05_0161_Discussion – I Don’t Like Cats (by Hugh Robert Orr)(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-02-12_0162_Odds and Ends About Cats(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-02-19_0163_Fancy Cats vs. Garden Variety Cats(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-02-26_0164_Little Grey Alley Cat – A Poem(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-03-05_0165_More Talk About Alley Cats(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-03-12_0166_Articles about Cats from Newspapers(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-03-19_0167_Writings by Alan Devol(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-03-26_0168_National Cat Week(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-04-02_0169_Guest – Karen Spangler (child)(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-04-09_0170_Readings from Elizabeth Cotesworth(c).mp3
Our Cats-1954-04-16_0171_Readings from ‘Cats’ Magazine’(c).mp3
Say it With Music-19xx-xx-xx_xxxx_Music of Jerome Kern (AFRS #3)(c).mp3
Sealtest Village Store – 450607 – AFRS #090 – bond contest to go to Hollywood.mp3
Shadow 099 1937-12-19 Cold Death (Welles).mp3
Shadow 166 1939-09-24 Dead Men Talk (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 167 1939-10-01 The Night Marauders (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 168 1939-10-08 The Diamond Murders (aka Murder in the Ballpark) (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 169 1939-10-15 The Village of Doom (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 212 1941-01-26 The Ghost of Caleb Mackenzie (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 227 1941-10-12 The Dragon’s Tongue Murders (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 228 1941-10-19 The Hoodoo Ship (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 229 1941-10-26 The Devil’s Hour (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 231 1941-11-09 The Organ Played at Midnight (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 237 1941-12-21 Death Imported (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 239 1942-01-04 Death Pulls the Strings (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 240 1942-01-11 The Drums of Doom (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 241 1942-01-18 The Thing in the Swamp (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 242 1942-01-25 Dean Man’s Revenge (Johnstone).mp3
Shadow 302 1944-03-19 Drums of Doom (Morrison).mp3
Shadow 374 1946-06-02 Death in a Minor Key (Morrison).mp3
Shadow 385 1946-11-24 Gang Doctor (Morrison).mp3
Silver Theater-1943-08-08_0006_Niagara to Reno (Dennis Day)(AFRS Frontline Theater #59)(c).mp3
Your Hit Parade – 460817 – AFRS #200 – 1st song #4 I Don’t Know Enough About You.mp3
Your Hit Parade – 460824 – AFRS #201 – 1st song #8 Prisoner of Love.mp3


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  1. BobbyP says:

    The Great Gildersleeve shows seem to have disappeared.

  2. BobbyP says:

    I can’t find these ones:

    Great Gildersleeve – 450128 – AFRS #075 – Aunt Hattie Forrester arrives,
    Great Gildersleeve 450211 #77 AFRS (C)

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