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Information Please 441204 049 William E. Troutman Asks; ‘Name the Character and Play’.mp3
Intrigue xx-xx-xx 13 The Suicide Club.mp3
Intrigue xx-xx-xx 14 The Real Mc.Coy.mp3
Kaltenborn Edits the News 401219 xxx The President Will Form a New ‘Defense Council’.mp3
Kaltenborn Edits the News 410424 xxx President Roosevelt Plans to Implement Convoys to Britain.mp3
Kaltenborn Edits the News 410506 xxx Procuring More Material for Aircraft Production.mp3
Kaltenborn Edits the News 410527 xxx Bismark Sunk.mp3
Lives of Harry Lime, The  511221 021 It’s a Knockout (end cut) (128-48).mp3
London PlayHouse 51-xx-xx TheScrlet Pimpernell.mp3
London Playhouse xx-xx-xx This Happy Breed.mp3
London Playhousexx-xxzz-zz Death Takes A Holiday.mp3
Mac McGuire & His Harmony Rangers 450201 145 1st Song – When My Sugar Walks Down The Street (128-48).mp3
Mac McGuire & His Harmony Rangers 511122 xxx 1st Song – My Little Girl (128-48).mp3
Mac McGuire & His Harmony Rangers 511223 xxx 1st Song – Down Yonder (128-48).mp3
Manhunt xxxxxx 003 The Case of the Clue in the Column.mp3
Manhunt xxxxxx 004 The Clueless Crime.mp3
My Son Jeep 530315 008 Peggy’s First Date [NBC].mp3
My Son Jeep 530503 015 Mrs. Bixby Joins the Sisters of Mimi-Ha-Ha Lodge [NBC].mp3
Village Store, The (Sealtest) 440330 028 1st ‘Shoo, Shoo Baby’. Guest Akim Tamiroff.  From the Merchant Marine Academy {AFRS}.mp3
Village Store, The (Sealtest) 440427 032 1st ‘Way Down Yonder’. Guest, Charles Ruggles. Joan Looks Like Cleopatra {AFRS}.mp3
Village Store, The (Sealtest) 440504 033 1st ‘I Want to be Happy’. Guest, Preston Foster.  Life & Love of Joan Davis {AFRS}.mp3
Village Store, The (Sealtest) 450607 090 1st ‘Going Back to Brooklyn’. Guest, Dave Street. Joan Has a Meeting with Jack Warner {AFRS}.mp3
Village Store, The (Sealtest) 470515 171 1st ‘I Believe’. Guest, James Dunn. Eve Arden Tries to Book a Comic {AFRS}.mp3
Village Store, The (Sealtest) 490517 087 1st ‘Come with Me, My Honey’. Jack Haley has $500


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