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Here are some new or upgraded sounds for you.

Carolyn Day, Detective xxxxxx 001 Carolyn is Kidnapped at Gunpoint.mp3
Carolyn Day, Detective xxxxxx 002 Bugsy Brown Slugs his Boss Luke to Protect Carolyn.mp3
Carolyn Day, Detective xxxxxx 003 Luke Takes  Carolyn & Bugsy to see The Boss, at Gunpoint.mp3
Carolyn Day, Detective xxxxxx 004 Carolyn Calls for help from a Policeman, but It’s a Trap.mp3
Carolyn Day, Detective xxxxxx 005 Anderson’s Plan Goes Wrong. Shots Ring Out.mp3
Carolyn Day, Detective xxxxxx 006 Northrup C. Anderson is Dead. Luke Takes Over.mp3
Exploring the Unknown 471019 Chain Reaction [ABC].mp3
Exploring the Unknown 471123 The Hidden Enemy [ABC].mp3
Exploring the Unknown 471228 Murder in Bed [ABC].mp3
Five Minute Mysteries xx-xx-xx Death Driver.mp3
Five Minute Mysteries xx-xx-xx Grip Of Death.mp3
Five Minute Mysteries xx-xx-xx Murder Will Out.mp3
Five Minute Mysteries xx-xx-xx The Bray Of A Mule.mp3
Five Minute Mysteries xx-xx-xx Toast To Death.mp3
Five Minute Mysteries xx-xx-xx Visit From The Unknown.mp3
Fred Allen – Looks at Life 71-xx-xx Part 4.mp3
Front Page 48-06-03 The Frightened Swede.mp3
Green Hornet 450222 0693 The Bigger They Are.mp3
Green Hornet 450315 0696 Scrapper McGuire’s Hero.mp3
Green Hornet 450322 0697 The Lost Key.mp3
Green Hornet 450329 0698 Michael Axford – Movie Star.mp3
Green Hornet 450823 0717 Unexpected Meeting.mp3
Green Hornet 460223 0744 The Last of Oliver Perry.mp3
Green Hornet 460302 0745 A Question of Time (2).mp3
Green Hornet 460309 0746 The Letter (aka-Clearing The Mayor of Graft).mp3
Green Hornet 460316 0747 A Pair of Nylons.mp3
Green Hornet 471028 0830 Linda Travis’ Discovery 1. Exposed.mp3
Green Hornet 471104 0831 Linda Travis’ Discovery 2. Graft Crosses a Bridge.mp3
Green Hornet 521001 1022 Political Crossfire.mp3
Green Hornet 521003 1023 The Spy Master.mp3
Green Hornet 521008 1024 The Changing Alibi.mp3
Green Hornet 521010 1025 Keys to a Robbery.mp3
Green Hornet 521015 1026 Election Boomerang.mp3
Green Hornet 521017 1027 The Proof of Treason.mp3
Green Hornet 521022 1028 Jeff Warren’s Safe.mp3
Green Hornet 521024 1029 Unknown Assassin.mp3
Green Hornet 521029 1030 The Microfilm of Death.mp3
Green Hornet 521031 1031 The Hawkridge Gems.mp3
Green Hornet 521105 1032 A Friday Night in the Mountains.mp3
Green Hornet 521107 1033 The Simple Clue.mp3
Green Hornet 521112 1034 The Triple-Cross.mp3
Green Hornet 521114 1035 Ceiling on Crime.mp3
Green Hornet 521119 1036 The Cigarette Filters.mp3
Green Hornet 521121 1037 Shipment for Korea.mp3
Green Hornet 521126 1038 Gas House Ending.mp3
Green Hornet 521128 1039 Murder and Espionage.mp3
Green Hornet 521203 1040 Pretenders to the Throne.mp3
Green Hornet 521205 1041 Axford’s Romantic Disaster (Incomplete).mp3
Guest Star 470605 0011 Guest – Beatrice Kaye. 1st Song- ‘This is God’s Country’ OPEN CLIPPED (128-48).mp3
Guest Star 470611 0012 Guest – Bing Crosby & Bob Hope. 1st Song- ‘After You’ve Gone’ (128-48).mp3
Guest Star 490410 0107 Guest – Alan Hale. 1st Song- ‘The Skater’s Waltz’ (128-48).mp3
Guest Star 490417 0108 Guest – Edward Arnold. 1st Song- ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ (128-48).mp3
Guest Star 520601 0271 Guest – Jane Pickens. 1st Song- ‘Younger Than Springtime’ (128-48).mp3
Guest Star 520608 0272 Guest – Frank Lovejoy. 1st Song- ‘Dizzy Fingers’ (128-48).mp3
Guest Star 540411 0368 Guest – The Sons of the Pioneers, 1st Song – ‘Twilight Time In Tennessee’  OPEN CLIPPED,CUT END (64-44).mp3
Guest Star 540725 0383 Guest – Miss Donna Reed. 1st Song- ‘Paree’ (128-48).mp3
Guest Star 540801 0384 Guest – Bob Crosby. 1st Song- ‘Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams’ (128-48).mp3
Guest Star 591129 0662 Guest – The Sons of the Pioneers, 1st Song – ‘Roundup Time is Over’ (64-44).mp3
Guest Star 610409 0733 Guest – The Sons of the Pioneers, 1st Song – ‘Saddle Up’ (64-44).mp3
Guest Star 620617 0795 Guest – The Sons of the Pioneers, 1st Song – ‘Yippee Yi Your Troubles Away’ (64-44).mp3
Guest Star 661017 1021 Guest – The Sons of the Pioneers, 1st Song – ‘Cimarron, Roll On’. 25th Anniversary of Savings Bonds (64-44).mp3
Guests of Doom 3xxxxx 011 Hattie Suspects Lucy of the Murder, and of Poising the Milk (128-48).mp3
Guests of Doom 3xxxxx 012 Robert Has Collapsed After Lighting a Cigarette (128-48).mp3
Hartz Mountain Canary Pet Show – xx-xx-xx Program 9-D.mp3
Hartz Mountain Canary Pet Show xx-xx-xx Program 10-D.mp3
Hartz Mountain Canary Pet Show xx-xx-xx Series E Program 1.mp3
Hartz Mountain Canary Pet Show xx-xx-xx Series E Program 2.mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 580713 124 The Trial of Joe The Turk (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 631006 397 One of The Boys (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 631013 398 Double Ugly (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 631020 399 The Two Faces of Love (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 631027 400 The Journey (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 631103 401 Birth of A Salesman (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 631110 402 Blind Vision (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 631117 403 Every Day Is The 4th of July (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 631124 476 John Ball’s Thanksgiving (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 650321 473 Welcome Home Miss Munson (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 650328 474 Sally’s Locket (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 650404 475 Bread Upon The Waters (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat Theatre 650411 476 The Silent World of Timmy Barton (192-44).mp3
Heartbeat of Broadway 5902xx 001 The Story Behind the Story; Oklahoma (64-44) OPEN CLIPPED.mp3
Heartbeat of Broadway 5902xx 002 The Story Behind the Story; Guys And Dolls (64-44).mp3
Heartbeat of Broadway 5902xx 003 The Story Behind the Story; My Fair Lady (64-44).mp3
Heartbeat of Broadway 5902xx 004 The Story Behind the Story; Kiss Me Kate (64-44).mp3
Henry Morgan Show 471029 053 Morgan Daily Gazette (192-44).mp3
Henry Morgan Show 471105 054 The Discovery of Weather {AFRS}.mp3
Here’s To Romance 440914 015 1st Song – Keep Your Powder Dry {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Here’s To Romance 450621 055 1st Song – June Is Bustin’ Out All Over {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Here’s To Romance 450705 057 1st Song The Erie Canal {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Here’s to Romance 450201 035 1st Song – Who. Guest, Mildred Bailey {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Here’s to Romance 450322 042 1st Song – Down in Chechehatchawatchee. 100th Program AFRS (128-48).mp3
Here’s to Romance 450531 052 1st Song – I Begged Her {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Hermit’s Cave 370627 023 The House with a Past.mp3
Hermit’s Cave 440206 368 The Crimson Hand (192-44).mp3
Hermit’s Cave 461027 510 Without End.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Author of Murder, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Black Band, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Blackness of Terror, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Buried Alive.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx House On Lost Man’s Bluff, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx House of Murder, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx House of Purple Shadows, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx It Happened on Sunday.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Mystery of the Thing, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Nameless Day, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Notebook on Murder.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Plantation Mystery.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Reflected Image.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Search for Life, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Spirit Vengeance.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Spirits of Vengeance, The.mp3
Hermit’s Cave xxxxxx xxx Vampire’s Desire, The.mp3
Hildegard 45-10-30 Guests – Robert Benchley, Henny Youngman.mp3
Hoagy Charmichael 450423 002 1st Song – Evelina {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Hollywood Dateline 4502xx xxx Betty Hutton Had Food Poisoning, Political Ads for Roger W. Jessup.mp3
Hollywood Preview 40xxxx xxx An Air Trailer for ‘Turnabout’.mp3
Hollywood Preview 450906 xxx The Years Are Many.mp3
Hollywood Star Time 460331 002 Strange Triangle {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Hollywood Stars On Stage 51-12-16 The Beloved Rogue.mp3
Hollywood is on the Air 38xxxx xxx ‘Sing You Sinners’ Paramount Air Trailer.mp3
Hollywood’s Open House 480115 006 1st Song- Exactly Like You. Play, The Life of Emile Zola.mp3
Hollywood’s Open House 480701 030 1st Song- Ain’t She Sweet.  Play, Interlude in Central Park.mp3
Hollywood’s Open House 480923 042 1st Song- Humoresque. Play, Blind Fear (128-48).mp3
Hollywood’s Open House 481202 052 1st Song-  And, Then It’s Heaven. Play, The Yearning Heart.mp3
Hoosier Hot Shot Show 501007 xxx 1st Song – Down in Jungle Town.mp3
Hoosier Hot Shots Show xxxxxx 001 1st Song – Here Comes That Cheer Parade.mp3
Hop Harrigan 430201 xxxx Ruse Telegram. Aluminum Propeller Discovered at the Cargo Plane Crash Site.mp3
Hop Harrigan 450915 xxxx Battling Renegade Nazis on a Japanese island (192-44).mp3
Hop Harrigan 470707 1241 Mystery of The Vanishing Men 001 The Black Hand (192-44) .mp3


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