The Twilight Zone

I have reworked ‘The Twilight Zone’ and added two of the three missing episodes.  I am still missing #166 – Mrs. Pierce is Praying for Me’.  If any of you have it, I would appreciate it being sent to

This series will be taken off the shelves of the Library in two weeks, so you better grab while you can.


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  1. Terence says:

    Thanks so much for this series, Jim, and thanks for the deadline heads-up. Like Stacey Keach’s narration. A very good voice actor.

  2. geekzapoppin says:

    Thank you so much for finding the missing episodes. I think something may have gone wrong when you uploaded them, however, as the link to the series now goes to an error page as if it doesn’t exist. Since the series is going to be removed soon, I’d really like to get hold of it before it’s gone. Thanks for all you do!

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