Some to start off the new year

Here are some for you to start off the new year!  They are all encoded at 96, – most are not new, just better encodes.  Look carefully at the Red Skelton, you might find some new ones there.

Couple Next Door 1958-02-03 Lost Coat At Restaurant.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-04 Jewelry Store Robbery.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-05 To The Police Station.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-06 Table Manners.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-07 Getting Rid Of Things.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-10 House For Sale.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-11 To Sell Or Not To Sell.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-12 Signing The Papers.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-13 Getting Ready To Go Out.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-14 Looking At Lakefront Property.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-17 Betsy Runs Away.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-18 Helping Mrs Haines.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-19 Meeting With Mr Rogers.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-20 Waiting Outside The Department Store.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-21 Problems With Lake Property.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-24 Betsy Wants To Be A Hollyhock.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-25 Taking Coat Off Trick.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-26 Painting Of Ancestor.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-27 Looking At Apartments.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-28 The Broken Dish.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-03 The Ant Farm.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-04 The Long Distance Call.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-05 Betsy The Model.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-06 The School Bus.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-07 The Driver’s Test.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-10 Asking Betsy To Pose.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-11 The Pencil Sharpener.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-12 Negotiating the Price.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-13 The New Dress.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-14 Dropping In For A Visit.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-18 Contest For Hawaii Trip.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-19 Second Thoughts About Betsy.mp3
Family Theater 1948-02-19 The Future Is Yours.mp3
Family Theater 1948-02-26 Life’s a Circus.mp3
Family Theater 1948-03-04 Dear Mr American.mp3
Family Theater 1948-03-11 The Man Who Died Twice.mp3
Family Theater 1948-03-18 Talent for Living.mp3
Family Theater 1948-03-25 The Passion and Death of Christ.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-01 Little Boy Blue.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-08 Toledo Smith.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-15 Wanted- One Baby.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-22 Eddie Meets the Family.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-29 Their Only Son.mp3
Family Theater 1948-05-06 Mother’s Halo Was Tight.mp3
Family Theater 1948-05-13 Song For a Long Road.mp3
Family Theater 1948-05-20 A Thief In The Night.mp3
Family Theater 1948-05-27 The Unsung Hero.mp3
Family Theater 1948-06-03 The High Boarded Fence.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-01-15 Nine Hours To Live.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-01-22 Records of Death.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-03-25 The Drums of Death.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-08 Murder by Magic.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-17 Kidnap For Sale Part One.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-18 Kidnap For Sale Part Two.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-19 Kidnap For Sale Part Three.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-21 Kidnap For Sale Part Five.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-24 Kidnap For Sale Part Six (no open).mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-25 Kidnap For Sale Part Seven.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-26 Kidnap For Sale Part Eight.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-27 Kidnap For Sale Part Nine.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-10-22 Murder on Mad Mountain.mp3
Nick Carter 1945-04-29 The Witch of Donderberg Mountain.mp3
Nick Carter 1945-08-05 The Case of the Hanging Paperhanger.mp3
Nick Carter 1945-09-09 The Case of the Talking Tree.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-01-06 The Case of the Wandering Corpse.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-01-27 The Body in the Ice.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-06-18 The Case of the Make Believe Robbery.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-09-01 The Case of the Red Goose Murder.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-02-16 Whence Came You.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-08-02 It Is Later Than You Think.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-08-09 The Thing on the Fourble Board.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-03 Meet John Smith, John.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-10 Beezar’s Cellar.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-17 And Jeannie Dreams of Me.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-24 Good Ghost.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-31 Calling All Souls.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-11-07 Adam and the Darkest Day.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-01-02 Time of the Big Snow.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-01-30 Northern Lights.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-02-06 Tap the Heat, Bogdan.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-02-13 Valentine.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-02-27 If I Should Wake Before I Die.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-03-06 The Man Who Knew Everything.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-03-13 Dark Rosaleen.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-03-27 A Time to Be Born and a Time to Die.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-04-17 Shadow of the Wings.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-05-21 The Oldest Man in the World.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-05-28 In the House Where I Was Born.mp3
Red Skelton 1947-05-04 Memos of the Tarnished West (Rehearsal for 05-06-47 Broadcast).mp3
Red Skelton 1947-09-16 The Life of a Fireman.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-04-27 Baseball.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-05-04 Our Educational System.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-05-18 Jealousy.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-05-25 Faults of Relatives.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-06-01 People You’ll Meet Sooner or Later.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-11-19 Neighborhood Theater.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-12-17 A GI Joe Remembers Christmas.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-12-24 Christmas Tree Salesman.mp3
Red Skelton 1949-01-28 The Troubles of the Doctor.mp3
Red Skelton 1949-04-20 Build It Yourself Bed (Rehearsal for 04-22-49 Broadcast).mp3
Red Skelton 1949-11-04 Aladdin’s Lamp (Rehearsal for 11-06-49 Broadcast).mp3
Red Skelton 1949-12-04 Red Does the Shopping.mp3
Red Skelton 1949-12-11 Red Is a Cab Driver.mp3
Red Skelton 1949-12-18 Red and Rod Go Shopping.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1945-12-31 The Case of the Iron Box.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-01-07 The Strange Case of the Murder in Wax.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-01-14 Murder Beyond the Mountains.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-01-28 Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-02-04 The Indiscretion of Mr Edwards (aka Murder Under The Big Top).mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-02-11 The Guileless Gypsy.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-02-18 The Camberwell Poisoning.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-03-04 The Submarine Caves.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-03-25 The Girl With the Gazelle.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-04-08 Disappearing Scientists.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-04-15 The Mystery of the Headless Monk.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-04-22 The Tankerville Club Scandal.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-04-29 The Waltz of Death.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-05-13 The Uneasy Easy Chair.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-05-20 The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-05-27 The Baconian Cipher.mp3


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    Hey Jimb, I can’t seem to find Couple Next
    Door or the newer Nick Carter shows. Nick Carter just takes me to the Internet Archive site?

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