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Special Troop Information

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

These are mis-labeled files and are present in other parts of the Library.  The eagle-eyes of our checkers never fail.

Some More New Shows

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Story Of The Bible, The 46-09-24 Cain And Abel.mp3
Straight From The Shoulder 50-04-14 Sports Talk Show (Audition).mp3
Sunset Village 36-xx-xx (01).mp3
Sunset Village 36-xx-xx (02).mp3
Sunset Village 36-xx-xx (03).mp3
Sunset Village 36-xx-xx (04).mp3
Sweet Adeline 49-04-30 (Audition).mp3
The Defense Rests 51-04-17 (01) The Joseph Moriono Story.mp3
The Falcon, Adventures Of 51-04-29 TCOT Big Talker.mp3
The Falcon, Adventures of 51-05-06 TCOT Flaming Club.mp3
The Fighting Parson 3x-xx-xx Narcotics In Chicago.mp3
The Lutheran Hour 49-09-18 First Tune – Jesus, Lover Of My Soul.mp3
The Purple Heart 44-08-27 Patriotic Talk.mp3
The Radio Bible Class 49-10-09 First Tune – Close To Thee.mp3
The Road Of Life 45-05-28 The Brents Leave New York.mp3
The Road Of Life 45-06-22 The Two Old Sisters.mp3
The Wonderful Wileys xx-xx-xx – Audition.mp3
This Is The Story xx-xx-xx (10) The Question of True Liberty (Russia Series).mp3
This Is The Story xx-xx-xx (11) Case Number 876 (Russia Series).mp3
Twenty Questions 50-02-11 Subject – Jimmy Valentine.mp3
Two On A Clue 44-10-03 The Silent Witness- Part2.mp3
Two On A Clue 44-10-06 The Silent Witness- Part 5.mp3

A few new shows

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Here are a few shows, more when I have time

Personal Album xx-xx-xx (76) First Song – The White Cliffs of Dover (AFRS).mp3
Plantation Jubilee 49-06-03 First Tune – Somebody Stole My Gal.mp3
Plantation Jubilee 49-07-29 First Tune – Dinah.mp3
Plantation Jubilee 49-08-05 First Tune – Steamboat Bill.mp3
Plantation Jubilee 49-08-12 First Tune – Alabamy Bound.mp3
Plantation Jubilee 49-09-23 First Tune – Wait Til The Sun Shines, Nellie.mp3
Polka Party 60-05-06 (275) First Song – Pelican Polka.mp3
Polka Party 60-07-16 (285) First Song – Can Can.mp3
Pride Of Service xx-xx-xx (11) Bombs Away.mp3
Pride Of The Outfit xx-xx-xx (15) The Silent Service.mp3
RKO Pictures 46-02-27 Cornered.mp3
Ranch House Party 4x-xx-xx (31) Guest – Herkimer Holcom (AFRS).mp3
Ranch House Party 4x-xx-xx (32)  First Song – (AFRS).mp3
Red Foley xx-xx-xx (81) First Tune – Giles County, Pulaksi Post Office.mp3
Renfro Valley Gatherin’ 57-09-08 First Tune – I’m Bound For The Promised Land.mp3
Renfro Valley Gatherin’ 61-07-09 First Tune – Shall We Gather At The River.mp3
Renfro Valley Gatherin’ 64-01-19 First Tune – Heavenly Sunlight.mp3
Renfro Valley Gatherin’ 64-04-05 First Tune – The Rock That Is Higher Than I.mp3
Renfro Valley Gatherin’ 64-06-07 First Tune – Let A Little Sunshine In.mp3
Richfield News 47-05-01 The 10th Edition Of The 17th Year.mp3
Robert Hurleigh News 49-09-16 Russia Has The A-bomb.mp3
Robert Seagrist News 49-12-26 Holiday Deaths.mp3
Roma Wine News 42-11-19.mp3
Roma Wine News 43-01-04.mp3
Roma Wine News 43-02-26.mp3
Roma Wine News 43-04-20.mp3
Romance 52-06-16 Murder Island.mp3
Romance 53-01-08 False Holiday.mp3
Romance xx-xx-xx Vigil for Chris.mp3
Rudy Vallee – Sealtest Preview 42-05-19 Guest – John Barrymore(end clipped).mp3
Rudy Vallee – Sealtest Show 42-10-15 Guest -Joan Davis (Rehearsal).mp3
Rudy Vallee – Vallee Varieties 40-12-04 Guest – Lurene Tuttle (Rehearsal).mp3
Rudy Vallee – Vallee Varieties 41-05-01 Guest – Lionel Barrymore (Rehearsal).mp3
Rudy Vallee – Vallee Varieties 41-05-05 Guest – Susan Miller (Rehearsal).mp3
Rudy Vallee – Vallee Varieties 41-05-28 Guest- Pricilla Lane (Rehearsal).mp3
Rudy Vallee Show, The 44-11-09 First Song – Oh Give Me Something to Remember You By..mp3
Says Who 56-03-16.mp3
Says Who 57-05-24.mp3
Says Who 58-02-02.mp3
Sea Hound, The 43-09-11.mp3
Shelia Graham 49-09-18 Hollywood Gossip.mp3
Show Stoppers 46-03-22 Guests – Abbott And Costello.mp3
Show Stoppers 48-xx-xx (08) Host – Billie Burke.mp3
Show Stoppers 48-xx-xx (12) Host – Abbott And Costello.mp3
Show World 40-01-08 Guest – Edward Everett Horton.mp3
Sleepy Joe xx-xx-xx (131).mp3
Sleepy Joe xx-xx-xx (132).mp3
Special Troop Information 51-03-17 (123) The Three Wishes Of Jamie McRuin.mp3
Special Troop Information 51-xx-xx (103) We Take Our Stand.mp3
StairWay To The Stars 47-08-08.mp3
Stairway To The Stars 47-08-18.mp3
Stars Of Jazz 58-xx-xx Guest – Jerry Colonna.mp3
Stars Of Jazz 58-xx-xx Guest – June Christy.mp3


REworked Series

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

I have reworked Michael Shayne and the Shadow, with some better encodes,  You might want to check them out.  More stuff coming today.