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A Mishmost

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Here are some episodes -some new, some better encodes.  I trust that you will enjoy them and consider making a small donation to assist in purchasing more materials.

Christmas Dramas 3x-xx-xx Dicken’s Christmas Carol.mp3
Christmas Dramas 4x-xx-xx A Christmas Carol.mp3
Christmas Dramas 51-xx-xx A Christmas Carol.mp3
Christmas Dramas xx-xx-xx A Christmas For Eve.mp3
Christmas Dramas xx-xx-xx Christmas Is For The Heart Alone (pt.2).mp3
Christmas Dramas xx-xx-xx Christmas Radio Spots For Stores.mp3
Christmas Dramas xx-xx-xx Jingle Bells Happiest Christmas.mp3
Christmas Dramas xx-xx-xx Santa Claus Jones.mp3
Christmas Dramas xx-xx-xx Santa Claus Rides Again (pt.2).mp3
Christmas Dramas xx-xx-xx The Christmas Miracle Of Jaspar Crown (pt.2).mp3
Christmas Dramas xx-xx-xx These Are The Humble.mp3
Eddie LeBaron & his Continental Orchestra Remote – 461019 – Tom Brenneman’s, Hollywood – ABC – Rondine dub (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Fred Allen – Sal Hepatica Revue 34-01-17 (03) Bedlam University.mp3
Here’s To Veterans – #036 – 470220 – Duffy’s Tavern – acetate – missing last 5 min – Rondine dub-(cleanedCR).mp3
Home Around the World – 460629 – It’s a Small World – NBC – preview program – Pt. 02 only – Rondine dub (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Joyce Jordan, M.D. – 481218 – Bob plans to be nice to Brett Martin to get her out of house – Rondine dub-(cleanedCR).mp3
Let’s Have Fun – 35-10-22 – Cleopatra.mp3
Mail Call 45-02-01 (132) First Tune – The Man On The Little White Keys.mp3
Mark Trail 50-11-22 Poisoned Turkey.mp3
Mark Trail 50-11-24 The Hawk Of Diamonds.mp3
Martin And Lewis 53-xx-xx X Rated Commercial for ‘The Caddy’.mp3
Meet The Menjous 50-xx-xx (475) Pentegon.mp3
Meet The Menjous 50-xx-xx (476) Absent Mindedness.mp3
Melody Round Up xx-xx-xx (829) First Tune – New River Train (The Sunset Riders).mp3
Melody Round Up xx-xx-xx (830) First Tune – I Learned To Love You Too Late (Duce Spriggins).mp3
Mindy Carson Show 50-08-29 First Tune – Just For You.mp3
Murder By Experts 49-12-26 Case Of The Missing Mind.mp3
Musical Moments 36-01-15 (116) First Tune – Hawaiian Melodies.mp3
Musical Moments 36-01-17 (117) First Tune – Italian Selections.mp3
Mutual News 50-01-12 Winston Churchill Cuts Short Vacation.mp3
Mystery Playhouse 44-10-16 (40) Thin Man-Nora’s Night Out.mp3
Mystery Playhouse 45-10-18 (137) Rogue’s Gallery-Blonds Prefer Gentlemen.mp3
Mystery Playhouse xx-xx-xx (138)  The Ghost With The Gun.mp3
Mystery Playhouse xx-xx-xx (196) Gangbusters.mp3
Mystery Playhouse xx-xx-xx (36) Big Town.mp3
Mystery Playhouse xx-xx-xx (39) The Whistler-Finder’s Weepers.mp3
Orson Welles Forum On the World of Tomorrow – 450527 – #005 – topics France, China,  pro-Russia – Rondine dub (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Orson Welles Program – 450916 – mystery stories, promotes film Uncle Harry – Rondine dub (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Orson Welles Program – 451021 – small child in China, the confusion machine – Rondine dub  (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Orson Welles Program – 451125 – Orson blasts lobbying – Rondine dub (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Three Suns Remote – 460731 – NBC – Circus Lounge, Hotel Piccadilly, NYC – Rondine dub  (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Three Suns Remote – 461019 – Circus Bar, Picadilly Hotel, NYC – NBC – Rondine dub  (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Three Suns Remote – 470214 – Circus Lounge, Hotel Piccadilly, NYC – NBC – Rondine dub (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Three Suns Remote – 480508 – NBC – Raleigh Room, Hotel Warwick, NYC – Rondine dub (cleanedIzonCR).mp3

New Green Hornets added to library

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

These are totally new encoded at 128.

Green Hornet 1947-07-15 City Hall Shakeup.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-07-22 The Man Who Forgot.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-08-26 The Leopard’s Spots.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-09-02 The Dock Robber Gang.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-09-09 Old Folks at Home.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-09-23 Death on the Flying Trapeze.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-09-30 Cash Down the Drain.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-10-07 The Ring of the Green Hornet.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-10-14 High Pressure.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-10-21 Marked Money.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-11-18 The Man on the Top.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-11-25 The Plan That Backfired.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-12-02 Number Man.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-12-09 Girl in Peril.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-12-23 Dead Man’s Topcoat.mp3
Green Hornet 1947-12-30 Tickets to the Rose Bowl.mp3
Green Hornet 1948-01-09 Diplomatically Done.mp3
Green Hornet 1948-06-08 Taxi Dance to Murder.mp3
Green Hornet 1948-06-15 Murder at Lighthouse Mary’s.mp3
Green Hornet 1948-06-22 The Curtin Money Plot.mp3

I apologize for the other Green Hornets – I must have lost them in the mess that is my office.