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Some New Material

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Here are a few new files.  It is getting harder and harder to find unreleased material or material in better sound.  A transcription disk containing one or one-half program will go for $35.00 plus, and a CDA disk with two programs goes for $16.00.  So you can see the funds mount up, but we will keep searching.

Joe Martin & Al Lamm Show 640830 01 1st Song – Candy Kisses {AFRTS}.mp3
Joe Martin & Al Lamm Show 640906 02 1st Song – A Wild And Lovely Rose {AFRTS}.mp3
Lux Radio Theatre 410310 298 The Awful Truth (repeat) (192-44).mp3
Lux Radio Theatre 410428 305 Wife, Husband and Friend (192-44).mp3
Lux Radio Theatre 410623 313 The Shop Around the Corner (192-44).mp3
Lux Radio Theatre 420126 336 Here Comes Mr. Jordon (192-44).mp3
Lux Radio Theatre 461216 550 Killer Kates (with Jack Benny).mp3
Mail Call 450201 132 1st Song – The Man On The Little White Keys, Dinah Shore.mp3
Mail Call 47xxxx xxx 1st Song – Gaucho Serenade. Cathy Downs, Victor Borge, Johnny Green.mp3
Man Called X 460723 xxx Stolen Lavaliers In France. Pepsodent.mp3
Man Called X 480926 078 The Laughing Lady (128-48).mp3
Man Called X 510518 032 Enough Intrigue to Fill a Book.mp3
Man from Homicide 510625 001 Muriel Smith Case.mp3
Man from Homicide 510723 005 Eddie Kent Case.mp3
Man from Homicide 510806 007 Drowned Girl Case.mp3
Man from Homicide 510820 009 Wee Willie Baines Case.mp3
Man from Homicide 510827 010 Steve Morton Case.mp3
Man from Homicide 510917 013 Lucille Forbes Case.mp3
Mark Trail 501122 098 Poisoned Turkey. NOISY.mp3
Mark Trail 501124 099 The Hawk of Diamonds. NOISY.mp3
Martin And Lewis 53xxxx X-Rated Commercial for ‘The Caddy’.mp3
Meet Me At Owl’s 491227 xxx Drugstore is in Pasadena.mp3
Meet The Menjous 501231 xxx The Menjous remember events of the past few decades.mp3
Meet The Menjous 5012xx xxx The Menjous reminisce about what Christmas means to them.mp3
Meet The Menjous 50xxxx 475 Facts about the Pentagon.mp3
Meet The Menjous 50xxxx 476 A Discussion about Absent Mindedness.mp3
Mel Allen Sports 490312 xxx Guest – Dolly Stark.mp3
Meredith Wilson Show 47xxxx xxx (Rehearsal) 1st Song – Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet.mp3
Metropolitan Opera 450205 058 Gaetano Donizetti’s ‘L’elisir D’amore’ {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Michael Shayne 461105 001 The Return To Huxley College.mp3
Michael Shayne 461112 002 TCOT Poisoned Fan.mp3
Mindy Carson Show 500829 xxx 1st Song – The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else.mp3
Mollé Mystery Theatre 450605 087 The Beckoning Fair One.mp3
Mr And Mrs Music 471212 012 1st Song – It All Came True.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 520304 439 The Heavenly Body {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 520311 440 Don’t Cry Wolf {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 520318 441 Murder Mismanaged {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 521014 471 Fool’s Gold. KNX Aircheck.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 530804 512 The Diamond Noose {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 531027 524 Runaway from Murder {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 531215 531 Too Late to Die {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 531229 533 The Witness 11th Anniversary show) {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 53xxxx xxx Death with Father {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 53xxxx xxx Murder for Sale {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 53xxxx xxx The Color of Blood {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 53xxxx xxx Touch of Death {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 540126 537 Snowbound {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 540202 538 Cry Foul {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 540209 539 Collector’s Item {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 540223 541 Winter Honeymoon {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 540302 542 Cross My Heart {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 540316 544 The Fallen Star {AFRS}.mp3
Mr and Mrs North 540919 562 Operation Murder.mp3


FAQs Modified

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

The FAQs have been extensively modified.  I suggest that you read all three pages of the FAQs to get all the latest changes to the rules and regulations.


New in the Library

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

The following episodes are either new or better encodes.

Baby Snooks Show 46-09-06 Snooks Skips School To Work On Her Book.mp3
Baby Snooks Show 46-11-01 Hallowe’en Night Antics.mp3
Bachelor’s Children 38-07-08 Janet Falls For Sam.mp3
Bachelor’s Children 38-07-11 Sam Is Engaged To Margery.mp3
Bachelor’s Children 39-01-24 Sam and Janet Are Married.mp3
Bachelor’s Children 39-12-22 It’s Christmas Eve.mp3
Bachelor’s Children 39-12-25 It’s Christmas Day.mp3
Bands For Bonds 49-11-19.mp3
Barry Wood Show, The 46-xx-xx (117) First Tune – I’ve Got My Eyes On You.mp3
Barry Wood Show, The 46-xx-xx (118) First Tune – She’s The Girlfriend.mp3
Barry Wood Show, The 46-xx-xx (123) First Tune – The Lone Prarie.mp3
Barry Wood Show, The 46-xx-xx (124) First Tune – There’s No Business Like Show Business.mp3
Bermuda Crash Flyers 49-11-20 Guest – Edith Mizarand.mp3
Bill Cunningham News 49-10-02 Does Russia Have The Bomb.mp3
Billie Burke Show, The 46-04-27 The Tramp.mp3
Billie Burke Show, The 46-07-27 The Concession Stand.mp3
Billie Burke Show, The 46-08-03 The Playground.mp3
Blue Ribbon Town 45-10-26 Jack Benny Goes To See Danny Kaye’s New Movie.mp3
Bob Becker’s Dog Program 38-11-27 Lassie The Scotch Terrier.mp3
Bob Crane Show 57-11-13.mp3
Bob Smith Show, The 47-08-25 Guest – Donald Duck.mp3
Boston Symphony, The 44-1-xx (32) First Tune – National Anthem.mp3
Boswell Sisters, The 32-xx-xx First Tune – I’ve Lost You.mp3
Boswell Sisters, The xx-xx-xx (3192) First Tune – If My Friends Find You…mp3
Boulevard Of Make Believe xx-xx-xx (01) Nelson gives advice to a new starlet.mp3
Boulevard Of Make Believe xx-xx-xx (12) Wally talks to the police.mp3
Breakfast In Hollywood 54-01-07 Audition.mp3
Bride And Groom 47-05-21 First Bride – Betty Garvin.mp3
Bride And Groom 47-05-23 First Bride – Edna Campbell.mp3
Bundles For Britain 4x-xx-xx Guest – Wendy Barrie.mp3
Burl Ives Show 46-12-15 First Tune – Wish I Was An Apple On A Tree.mp3
Burl Ives Show 46-12-19 (14) First Tune – Blow Ye Winds Of Morning.mp3
Burl Ives Show 46-12-20 First Tune – Get Along Little Doggies.mp3
Burl Ives Show 46-12-21 (17) First Tune – Blow Ye Winds Of Morning.mp3
Burl Ives Show 46-xx-xx First Tune – Wyoming Will Be Your New Home.mp3

B’s Partially deleted

Friday, September 16th, 2016

I mistakenly deleted part of the ‘B’s.

I will put them back up this week-end.