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Thursday, August 18th, 2016

These are either new encodes or new series.

Murder Clinic 420818 005 The Holloway Flat Tragedy.mp3
Murder Clinic 420922 010 The Scrap of Lace.mp3
Murder Clinic 421006 012 The Tragedy At Marsden Manor.mp3
Murder Clinic 421013 013 Gulfstream Green.mp3
Murder at Midnight 460906 021 The Mark of Cain (192-44).mp3
Murder at Midnight 460913 022 Red Wheels (192-44).mp3
Murder at Midnight 461108 030 The Man With the Black Beard (.mp3
Murder by Experts 490815 010 Dig Your Own Grave (2).mp3
Murder by Experts 490905 013 Return Trip (256-44).mp3
Murder by Experts 491226 029 TCO The Missing Mind (2).mp3
Music By Adlam 471227 xxx 1st Song – The Best Things In Life.mp3
Music For Moderns 530207 xxx 1st Song – The Bleep, Blop, Blu.mp3
Music For Moderns 530214 xxx 1st Song – The Bleep, Blop, Blu.mp3
Music For Moderns 530228 xxx 1st Song – Liza. Teddy Wilson a.mp3
Music For Moderns 530307 xxx 1st Song – Stompin’ at the Savo.mp3
Music For Moderns 530314 xxx 1st Song – Mother Goose Jumps. .mp3
Music For Moderns 530322 xxx 1st Song – Not High on an Open .mp3
Music For Moderns 530404 xxx 1st Song – Artistry in Rhythm. .mp3
Music For Moderns 530411 xxx 1st Song – That’s a Plenty. Jac.mp3
Music For Moderns 530417 xxx 1st Song – That’s a Plenty. Jac.mp3
Music For Moderns 530425 xxx 1st Song – Heat Wave. Buddy Def.mp3
Music For Moderns 530502 xxx 1st Song – Anything Goes. Buddy.mp3
Music For Moderns 530509 xxx 1st Song – High on an Open Mic..mp3
Music For Moderns 530523 xxx 1st Song – Blue Lou. Charlie Ve.mp3
Mutual News at Noon 500112 xxx Winston Churchill Cuts Short .mp3
Mutual of Omaha 491230 xxx Spoof (NO OPEN, NO CLOSE).mp3
My Friend Irma 480308 048 Double Troubles.mp3
My Friend Irma 480315 049 Buy or Sell.mp3
My Friend Irma 480322 050 Election Connection.mp3
My Friend Irma 480329 051 The Big Secret.mp3
My Friend Irma 480405 052 Irma’s Inheritance.mp3
My Friend Irma 480419 054 Dinner Date with New Boy Friend.mp3
My Friend Irma 480426 055 Manhattan Magazine.mp3
My Friend Irma 480503 056 Acute Love Sickness.mp3
My Friend Irma 480510 057 Bon Voyage.mp3
My Friend Irma 480517 058 Irma Wants to Join the New York Pr.mp3
My Friend Irma 480524 059 Aunt Harriet To Visit.mp3
My Friend Irma 480621 063 Planning a Vacation.mp3
My Friend Irma 490307 100 Irma’s Trial Separation.mp3
My Friend Irma 490314 101 Al is Moving to Nebraska.mp3
My Friend Irma 490321 102 Irma Gets Fired.mp3
My Friend Irma 490328 103 April Fool’s Party.mp3
Mysterious Traveler 461229 084 If You Believe (2).mp3
Mysterious Traveler 470727 114 The Man the Insects Hated (2).mp3
Mysterious Traveler 490329 197 Death Has a Cold Breath (2).mp3
Mystery Is My Hobby xxxxxx 045 John Crain Murder aka The Bod.mp3
Mystery Is My Hobby xxxxxx 046 Morini & the Formula.mp3
Mystery Is My Hobby xxxxxx 050 Kenneth Prengle, Polo Player.mp3
Mystery Playhouse {AFRS} 451018 137 Rogue’s Gallery – Blonde.mp3
Mystery Playhouse {AFRS} xxxxxx 036 Big Town – Horn Player M.mp3
Mystery Playhouse {AFRS} xxxxxx 039 The Whistler-Finder’s We.mp3
Mystery Playhouse {AFRS} xxxxxx 196 Gangbusters (128-48).mp3
Mystery is My Hobby xxxxxx 044 Murder of Henry Lawrence.mp3
Navy Day Special 481027 xxx Look to the Sea, with Preston Fo.mp3
Navy Hoedown xxxxxx xxx 1st Song – Kansas City. Guest, Billi.mp3
Navy Hoedown xxxxxx xxx 1st Song – Promises, Promises. Guest.mp3
Navy Hoedown xxxxxx xxx 1st Song – Ride, Ride,Ride. Guest, L.mp3
Navy Hoedown xxxxxx xxx 1st Song – Six Days On The Road. Gue.mp3
Navy Hoedown xxxxxx xxx 1st Song – The Shotgun. Guest, Dave .mp3
Navy Hoedown xxxxxx xxx 1st Song – There Ain’t Gonna’ be No .mp3


Billl Stern’s Sports Newsreel

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

46-11-29 (369) – Elmer Layden.mp3
46-12-20 (372) – Jeff Cravath.mp3
47-02-21 (380) – Woody Herman.mp3
47-02-28 (381) – Toots Shor.mp3
47-05-30 (391) – Pauline Betz.mp3
47-11-14 (424) – Rickenbacker & Rockne.mp3
47-12-19 (429) – Riggs & Kramer.mp3
48-07-02 [455] – John Garfield subs.mp3
49-02-25 (487) – Rudy Vallee.mp3
49-08-12 (511) – Tex & Jinx subs.mp3
49-09-09 (515) – Eddie Dyer.mp3
49-11-18 (524) – Doak Walker.mp3
50-03-03 (539) – Gen Romulo.mp3

Thanks to a member for sending these in!


New files for you!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

We’ve had a bit of a drought, but hopefully it’s over now.  These are all music programs from the 40s and 50s for all you music lovers.

Misc xx-xx-xx Boyd Raeburn-BML-P-653_Boyd Meets Stravinsky, I Can’t Believe that You’re in Love With Me, Body and Soul, Night in Tunesia (c).mp3
Misc xx-xx-xx Dizzy Gillespie-BML-P-654_Anthropology, Ole’ Man Rebop, Night in Tunesia, Unknown (c).mp3
Misc xx-xx-xx Miff Mole-BML-P-625, Stop, Look, Peg O’ My Heart, Humoresque, Big Butter and Egg Man.mp3
Misc xx-xx-xx Victor Borge-BML-P-626_Mozart Opera, Blue Serenade, Grieg Rhapsody (c).mp3

One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3621) Art Moony First Song – I’ve Been Working on the Railroad (Pt 2 Only).mp3
One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3622) Horace Heidt – First Song – Carnival of Venice.mp3
One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3623) Les Elgart – First Song – The Varsity Drag (Pt 1 Only).mp3
One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3624) – First Song – Stay Away a Little Closer.mp3
One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3625) Carlton Hayes – First Song – At Our House .mp3
One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3671 Art Moony First Song – At Dawning (Pt 2 Only).mp3
One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3674) Skinnay Ennis – First Song – I Went Out of My Way (Pt 1 Only).mp3
One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3682) Art Mooney First Song – Skokiaan (Pt 2 Only).mp3
One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3683)Lenny Herman Quintet – First Song – The Little Shoemaker (Pt 1 Only).mp3
One Night Stand xx-xx-xx (3685) Richard Hayman First Song – Tamborine.mp3

Phonograph Album – xx-xx-xx_0001_Glenn Miller, 1st – In the Mood .mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0002_Duke Ellington, 1st – Lazy Rhapsody (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0005_Dinning Sisters, 1st – Once in a While (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0006_Selections from RCA Victor Album ‘Smoke Rings’, 1st – My Reverie (Larry Clinton) (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0011_Lene Horne, 1st – Stormy Weather (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0012_Hal Kemp Memorial Album, 1st – Speak Your Heart (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0015_Bunny Berrigan, 1st – Jelly Roll Blues (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0016_Russ Columbo, 1st – Auf Wiedersein (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0019_Songs of the Services, Victor Military Band (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0020_Russian Master Singers, 1st – In the Dark Room (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0029_Hurtado Brothers & Royal Marimba Band, 1st – Despues De Un Beso (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0030_Songs of the Red Army, 1st – The Boatmen of the Volga (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0037_Favorite Love Songs, Frank Munn, 1st – I Love You Truly (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0038_CMSOLBS, 1st – Clhloe (Dinah Shore) (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0053_Juan Arvizu, Troubado of the Americas, 1st – Rancho Alegre (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0054_CMSOLBS, 1st – Running Wild (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0057_Paul Weston, Music for Dreaming, 1st – I Only Have Eyes for You (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0058_Lani McIntyre, Aloha Hawaii, 1st – Sweet Constancy (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0081_Johnny Noble Hawaiians, 1st – King’s Serenade (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0082_Glenn Miller IV, 1st – A String of Pearls (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0095_Eddie Duchin, Music of George Gershwin (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0096_Morton Gould Concert I, 1st – Espana Cani (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0097_Morton Gould Concert II, 1st – Dark Eyes (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0098_Ambrose, 1st – The Night Ride (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0107_Hot Jazz-McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, 1st – Rocky Road (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0108_Ozzie Nelson-Campus Favorites, 1st – Washington & Lee Swing (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0135_Raymond Paige, Musical Americana II, 1st – Night and Day (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0136_Raymond Paige, Musical Americana II, 1st – La Cumparsito (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0139_Cugat’s Favorite Rhumbas, 1st – Begin the Beguine (c).mp3
Phonograph Album-19xx-xx-xx_0140_Kostelanetz Conducts I, 1st – Solitude (c).mp3