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New For You

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

I have added the Penny Singleton Show and reworked and added some new episodes im Thirty Minutes to Hollywood for you to enjoy!


More onesies and twosies

Saturday, June 4th, 2016

It’s getting more and more difficult to find old radio programs.  The ones we find mostly now-a-days are AFRS and they come from record collection sales.  But we keep trying…….

Leo is on the Air-1942-xx-xx_xxxx_Panama Hattie.mp3
Leo is on the Air-1942-xx-xx_xxxx_Rio Rita.mp3
March of Dimes 1954 Campaign-1954-01-02_xxxx_Sauter-Finigan Orchestra, 1st – Doodletown Fifers (c).mp3
March of Dimes 1954 Campaign-1954-01-02_xxxx_Tommy & Jiimmy Dorsey, 1st – Melancholy Serenade (c).mp3
Music You Like-19xx-xx-xx_xxxx_Al Jarvis’ Original Make Believe Ballroom, 1st – Jealousy (H. James)(HD7 MM-10353)(US Marine Corps)(c).mp3
Music You Like-19xx-xx-xx_xxxx_Al Jarvis’ Original Make Believe Ballroom, 1st – Yours is My Heart Alone (C. Thornhill)(HD7 MM-10352)(US Marine Corps)(c).mp3
Paramount is on the Air-1942-xx-xx_xxxx_The Road to Morocco (c).mp3
Rhythm Rendezvous-19xx-xx-xx__Aud_Patty Page and Ray Anthony (Lang-Worth Auduition) (c).mp3
Ted Heath and His Music-1955-02-18_0007_1st – The Sheik of Araby (Part 1 Only)(83504) (c).mp3
Ted Heath and His Music-1955-02-18_0008_1st – Colonel Bogey (Part 1 Only)(83506)(c).mp3
Ted Heath and His Music-1955-10-10_1st – Malaguena (C).mp3
The Bob Crosby Show-1944-04-23_xxxx_1st – Too Blue to Cry (AFRS #31) (c).mp3
The Cote’ Glee Club-19xx-xx-xx__Aud_Audition by Lang-Worth (c).mp3
The Jack Benny Program-1945-12-25_I Can’t Stand Jack Benny Because (Guest – Louella Parsons)(c).mp3
Tommy Dorsey – Music America Loves Best-1945-07-08_xxxx_Guests – Dorothy Kirsten & Diana Lynn, 1st – Out of Nowhere (AFRS #57)(c).mp3
Tommy Dorsey – Spotlight Bands-1944-11-25_ Standby 1st – Hawaiian War Chant (Part 2) (World 39762A)(c).mp3
Treasury Star Parade-1943-09-30_xxxx_Special – Salute to the Third War Loan by the Motion Picture Industry (Kyser, G Simms, etc)(c).mp3

Mostly a bunch of onesies

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Sorry, but this bunch of onesies is all I could find that we didn’t already have.  I promise to do better the next time.