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Living 1948

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

I’ve uploaded these files encoded at 64, so if you have any of them you might want to upgrade.

48/03/14    4  Silver Cords and Apron Strings
48/03/28        I Am with You Always (story of the Red Cross) with Folk Sing Tom Glazer 1
48/04/04       From a Gentleman in Mufti
48/04/18       U S A Growing Pains (fantasy Drama About Americas Population Growth)
48/04/25       Home Broken Home (study of Rising Divorce Rate)
48/05/02       Senator Robert a Taft (series of Those Seeking to Be Elected President
48/05/04       Freedom Is a Home Made Thing (drama for Memorial Day)
48/05/09       Then and Now (drama About the Changes in U S and U S S R Relations Since V E
48/05/16       Govenor Earl Warren (series of Those Seeking to Be Elected President
48/05/23       Norman Thomas – Socialist (series of Those Seeking to Be Elected
48/06/04        Notebook for Convention Listeners
48/06/13       What Price Public Office ( Preceded by News with Robert Trout)
48/06/27       Sound Minds Sound Bodies (preceded by Robert Trout and the News)
48/07/04       American Self Portrait ( Independence Day Program)
48/07/14       Democratic National Committee (preceded by Robert Trout and the News)
48/07/18       Wisdom in the Streets (preceded by Robert Trout and the News) 1
48/07/25       Box Score on the Olympics (in Honor of the Opening of Games
48/08/01       Atomic Energy Is Your Business (drama About Atomic Energy Three Years
48/08/08       The Sun and You (report on the the Sun in American Society)
48/08/15       Rackets on the Doorbell
48/08/22       The Biggest Job in the World (report on the the Sun in American Society
48/08/29       New Draft New Army (new Military Requirements)
48/09/05       Plight of Our Hospitals (report on the Lack of Hospital Facilities)(1)
48/09/19       Danger School Zone (report on the Problems Facing American Schools)
48/09/24       Vote for Me (study on the Presidential Campaign of 1948)
48/10/03       Hope Alone Is Not Enough
48/10/14       Lets Sit This One out ( Drama on Voting Apathy on Eve of 1948 Election)
48/11/07       What Happened
48/11/14       Television Many Happy Returns ( Docudrama About the Arrival of Televisio
48/11/28       Thank You God
48/12/05       The Story of the Double Barred Cross
48/12/12       The Greatest Christmas Present
48/12/19       Dogs and Children Not Wanted
48/12/26       The Little Girl Who Had Everything ( Christmas Program)



Great Deal Today

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Today we have two great deals

Stargate SG-U 2 disk set – This will only play on blue-ray DVD Players – for a donation of $13.00
Stargate SG-U 1.5 3 disk set – This will only play on blue-ay DVD Players – for a donation of $13.00.You can’t go wrong with these! Both sets contains tons of special features.

All of the previous deals are still available except for Roy Rogers, The two Batman Serials, and the 270 Cartoon Set, so you still have a chance to get in on the deals.

First person to e-mail and and can donate via paypal gets them.  If I don’t answer your e-mail, you didn’t get the deal.


Watch for more episodes/series coming this week-end.


Tuesday’s Deal

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

This is a boffo deal – 50 Sci-Fi Movies on 12 disks – a new set- srinkwrapped as are the others.  You get all the Japanese monster movies, plus loads more of Saturday afternoon fun!  This can be yours for a donation of $20.00 to the OTRR.

All of the other deals (except the Roy Rogers) are still available, in case you  saw one a day or two later.

First person to e-mail me with name of movie gets it.  If you do not hear from me it means that you did not get the deal.

Two for you today

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Today I have two collections for you.  The first is 270 Classic Cartoons, featuring Popeye, Mighty Mouse, Woody Woodpecker, and many more.  Over 30 hours of cartoons for the entire family.  You can have this for a donation of only $15.00.

Next from the Gotham City Vault we have 2 serials- Batman, the complete 1943 serial and Batman and Robin – the complete 1949 serial..  You can get both for a donation of $18.00

First person to e-mail me at gets them.  If I don’t e-mail you back, you know you did not get them.

Strike whi the iron is hot!

Today’s Deal

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

A Classic TV Western Collection, over 18 hours of great entertainment.  Featuring such series as

The Rifleman
Bat Masterson
Wagon Train
Ranger Rider|
And many, many more!
You can get this one for a donation of only $12.00 To the OTRR to help pay for server cost and purchase net materials.  First person to e-mail me at and can contribute via paypal gets it.  If you do not hear from me, you  did not get it..

Strange Tales

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

This is a 20 movie pack on 4 digitally remastered DVDs entitled ‘Strange Tales’.

Including -
The Return of Dr. Mabuse
Frozen Alive
The Head
Prisoners of the Lost Universe
Night of the Blood Beast
night Fright
Alien Species
The Amazing Transparent Man
War of the Monsters
and 10 more fantastic classic Films

Get a bowl of popcorn, turn down the lights and delve into ‘Strange Tales’.  You can have it for a donation of $15.00 to the OTRR, if you can contribute via Paypal.  First person to e-mail me at gets it.  Try for it you might be lucky.  If you don’t hear from me, it means you didn’t get the collection of ‘Strange Tales’.


Just For You

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Just for you – 20 Spectacular Musicals For a donation of $20.00 to the OTRR to assist in purchasing new materials.  First person to e-mail me at and can pay via paypal gets the collection.  If you don’t hear from me, that means you didn’t get it.

The musicals are -
One Last Dance
A Modern Cinderella Tale
Breakfast in Hollywood
Doll Face
Hi-De-Ho(featuring Cab Calloway)
The Clouds Roll By (featuring Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore
Private Buckaroo
The Fabulous Dorseys
Second Chorus
And ten more fantastic Classic Musicals

You can have the satisfaction of donating to the OTRR, and it’s like you get the 2o Classic Musicals for FREE!  This is over 27 hours of song and dance.

Snap it up!

A New Series

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Here is a new series for you.

Just Entertainment

I was able to get 152 Episodes slightly over 1000 megabytes for $125.00 and it goes to you at no cost.


Today’s Fantastic Deal

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

We have a good one for you today.  100 family cartoons on 2 DVDs.  Over 11 hours of family fun starring Superman, Betty Boop, Mighty Mouse, Woody Woodpecker, Casper, Mutt and Jeff and many, many more!  I’ve neglected to say that all these DVDs that will be offered as Deals of the Day are brand new. srink wrapped.

You can get this extraganaza  for a donation of $12.00 to help the OTRR in paying server costs, and to purchase new materials for the Library.

First person to e-mail me at and can pay by paypal gets it.

Hurry, it will not last long.  Everyone will want this for their family viewing time.


Deal Of the Day

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Roy Rogers in a collection of 20 movies, Licensed by the Roy Rogers Family Trust. Bonus  Features included.

Roy and Dale take you on a trip down memory  lane in this 20 feature film set.  The Movies are:
Disc 1
Sons of the Pioneers
Trigger, Jr.
Pals of the Golden West

Disc 2
Young Bill Hickok
Don’t Fence me In
Down Dakota Way

Disc 3
The Golden Stallion
Man From Oklahoma
Rainbow Over Texas

Disc 4
Trail of Robin Hood
Sunset in El Dorado
North of the Great Divide

Disc 5
Bells of Corando
South Of Caliente
In Old Amarillo
Along the Navajo Trail

Disc 6
Twilight in the Sierras
Susanna Pass
Spoilers of the Plains
Cowboy and the Senorita

That’s a total of 20 movies, many in color for a donation of $20.00 to the OTRR.  First person to e-mail me at and can use Paypal gets it. Use the ‘Donate” button located on the Home Page

I am trying to raise enough funds to purchase  ‘Just Entertainment’, a series of about 250 episodes, of which we currently have none, and only 20 or so is listed in OTTER.
Jump on this, it will go fast!