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Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Yesterday I added the following programs/series

(0002) Jane Buys Johnny 2 Suits.mp3
(0096) All of Jane’s Checks Bounce.mp3
(0097) Jane Hides Movie Star Joyce Blain in Their Bungalow.mp3
(0100) Jane’s Plans Backfire on Her.mp3
(0101) Joyce Gets a Phone Call to Go to Hollywood.mp3
(0102) Jane Starts a Newspaper Career.mp3
(0103) Jane Goes Down to the Newspaper Office.mp3
(0117) Ace Has a Chance at a Big Real Estate Deal.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450102 463 1st Song – Sing Something Simple.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450104 464 1st Song – I Had A Dream.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450731 xxx 1st Song – He’s Riding For The Rancho.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450802 xxx 2nd Song – Girl of My Dreams.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450809 xxx 1st Song – Mr. Sandman’s On His Way.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450811 xxx 1st Song – Rio De Janerio.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450823 xxx 1st Song – Do I Worry.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450825 xxx 1st Song – I’ve Got Rhythm (Instrumen.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450828 xxx 1st Song – On The Rhythm Range.mp3
10-2-4 Time 450830 xxx 1st Song – Texas Polka.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-03 The Easterner.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-06 Tuffy Blair’s Nephew.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-08 The Welcher.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-10 Masquerade.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-13 The Trap.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-15 Old Acquaintance.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-17 Canyon Secret.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-20 Meeting in the Badlands.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-22 Grindstone Law.mp3
Lone Ranger 1952-10-24 Stray Bullet.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-01 Death Rides With Daggett.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-04 Crane Murder Case.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-06 Dan and Sally’s Adventure.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-08 The White Leader.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-11 Saddle Shop Keeper.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-13 The Lone Trail.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-15 Trigger Finger.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-18 The Witness.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-20 The Sheepskin Coat.mp3
Lone Ranger 1954-01-22 Good Indian.mp3
Sweet Adeline 490430 (Audition) Adeline Protects Brother Cla.mp3
Take It Easy Time 4xxxxx xxx 1st Song – Echoes From The Hill.mp3
Take It Easy Time 4xxxxx xxx 1st Song – When Payday Rolls Ar.mp3
Tales of Willie Piper 461215 xxx No Story Today (64-44).mp3
Tandy MacKenzie 38xxxx 01 Popular Hawaiian music (128-48).mp3
Tandy MacKenzie 38xxxx 02 1st Song – Bali-Lani (128-48).mp3
Tea Time Tunes 360108 xxx 1st Song – Poor Butterfly. WHB, Ka.mp3
Teachers For Lyndon Johnson 480716 Local Texas Program Endor.mp3
That’s My Pop 450729 007 Vacation In The Country.mp3
Then And Now 361001 03 Guest – Walter Huston, DW Griffith, A.mp3
Thirty Minutes In Hollywood 371017 02 1st Song – High, Wide .mp3
Thirty Minutes In Hollywood 380703 39 Getting Rid of George’.mp3
This Is Jazz 600129 005 Guest – Dizzy Gillespie (128-48).mp3
This Is Jazz 600219 008 Guest – Austin High Gang (128-48) AF.mp3
This Is Jazz 600226 009 Guest – Duke Ellington Orchestra (12.mp3
This Is Jazz 600408 015 Guest – Coleman Hawkins (128-48) AFR.mp3
This Is Jazz 600506 019 Guest – Louis Armstrong (128-48) AFR.mp3
This Is Nora Drake 481005 Nora Is Shocked To Learn about Her.mp3
This Is The Story xxxxxx 10 A Question of True Liberty (Russ.mp3
This Is The Story xxxxxx 11 Case Number 876 (Russia Series) .mp3
This Is The Story xxxxxx 42 The Commander Packs a Satchel (P.mp3
This Is The Story xxxxxx 43 The Voyage of the Pregnant Perch.mp3
This Is The Story xxxxxx 44 Tour of Duty (Ambassador of Good.mp3
This Is Your Life 480518 (Audition) Lester Hanson, of Spokan.mp3
Thrills xxxxxx 1st Song – Easter Parade. Wyatt Earp (64-44).mp3
To Your Good Health 431119 1st Song – Girls, Girls, Girls.mp3
To Your Good Health 440324 1st Song – Flying Down To Rio.mp3
To Your Good Health 440531 1st Song – Blow, Gabriel Blow.mp3
Tom Breneman’s Laugh Parade 450808 First joke about a horse .mp3
Tom Rogers Sports 5201xx Jackie Burke Leads in the 2nd Round.mp3
Tonight on Broadway 461014 23 1st Song – Five Minutes More. .mp3
Tonight on Broadway 461021 24 1st Song – Buttermilk Sky. Gue.mp3
Top Tunes With Trendler 490917 1st Song – Sleigh Ride.mp3


CBSRMT back in Library

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

CBS Radio Mystery Theater is back in the Library, thanks to a donation of this program from DR. Joe Webb!


New Series in the Library

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

We have added these new series to the collection.

Will Rogers



Some New Series For You

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Shakespearian Collection, A
Woman’s Good Eye
The World Is Yours (under W)
Ways Of Mankind
Winston Churchill’s War Speeches

WLS Barn Dance