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One Night Stands

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Here are a few One Night Stands -

One Night Stand 45-04-01 (656) Jan Garber.mp3
One Night Stand 45-04-19 (652) Frankie Carle.mp3
One Night Stand 45-06-14 (636) Tommy Tucker.mp3


New Baseball World Series

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

I’ve just added the 1957 Game 4 series to the Library.  It will be found in ‘Baseball Game Broadcasts’.



Thursday, December 24th, 2015

It’s not too late for you to make your annual Christmas donation to the Library.  We have a ton of new series/episodes to add in the coming months and we know that you’ll want to help support the Library as we move to acquire even more series.


New Series Added

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

We have added ‘Tall Tales” to the  Library.

You will either really enjoy them, or can’t stand them<g>.

OTRR moves to Facebook

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

The OTRR has opened up a Facebook group to replace the rapidly fading Yahoo group and it is proving wildly successful.  You are invited to come join in the fun.  Point your browser to -

Lots of great things are going on!


Mirth Parade, The

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

Here is a new series for you -

The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (01) Asthma.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (02) Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (03) Shuffle off to Buffalo.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (04) Fire! Fire! Fire! Turn the Hose on Me.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (05) Sailing, Sailing.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (06) Jimmy Valentine.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (07) This Is the Life.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (08) Storybook Land.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (09) Pony Boy.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (10) Buy American.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (11) Two Tickets to Georgia.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (12) Daisy, Daisy.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (13) Toreador Make Ready.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (14) Any Ice Today, Lady.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (15) Hooray for the Red, White and Blue.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (16) In Room Two and Hundred and Two.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (17) Please Go ‘way and Let Me Sleep.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (18) Aninius Club.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (19) Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (20) I Miss My Swiss Miss.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (21) Woo, My Operation.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (22) Let Me Call You Sweetheart.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (23) Wrong Number.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (24) Wait ’til the Cows Come Home.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (25) The Cop on the Beat, the Man in the Moon, and Me.MP3
The Mirth Parade 33-xx-xx (26) It’s Tulip Time in Holland.MP3


Some Old, Some New

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Here are some programs, some may be old, but better encodes, some may be new.

A Date With Judy 1945-02-20 Guest Frank Sinatra.mp3
Aldrich Family 1949-02-17 The Antique Chairs.mp3
Baby Snooks 1941-04-17 Baseball Game.mp3
Baby Snooks 1941-04-24 In the Kitchen.mp3
Burns & Allen 1946-05-23 Newlywed Advice.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-04-14 Income Tax Forms.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-04-15 New Plans For Laundry Room.mp3
Day in the Life of Dennis Day 1949-02-12 Dennis and Mildred Plan to Elope.mp3
Duffy’s Tavern 1949-06-01 Archie Wants to Marry a Rich Woman.mp3
Fibber McGee & Molly 1948-04-27 Passenger Pigeon.mp3
Fitch Bandwagon 1947-01-19 Interior Decorator.mp3
Fred Allen 1949-01-30 Guest Rudy Vallee.mp3
Jack Benny 1949-02-20 The Horn Blows at Midnight.mp3
Jimmy Durante 1948-04-28 Guest Lucille Ball.mp3
Life With Luigi 1949-12-06 Post Office Breaks Luigi’s Gift.mp3
Life of Riley 1945-10-13 Junior’s Key.mp3
Lum & Abner 1948-12-12 Lum’s Elopement.mp3
Man Called X 1944-10-15 International Blackmail Racket.mp3
Man Called X 1945-03-03 Into Berlin.mp3
Meet Corliss Archer 19yy-mm-dd The Old Oak Tree.mp3
Mr Moto 1951-07-01 The Victim.mp3
Our Miss Brooks 1955-07-17 Hawking for Hawkins Travel Agency.mp3
Red Skelton 1947-03-04 Dancing.mp3
San Francisco War Chest 431015 The Bomb on the Front Doorknob.mp3
Sealtest Variety Theater 1948-10-21 Guests Abbott & Costello and Dick Powell.mp3
Streamlined Shakespeare 37-07-19 Much Ado About Nothing.mp3
Streamlined Shakespeare 37-07-26 Julius Caesar.mp3
Streamlined Shakespeare 37-08-02 The Taming Of The Shrew.mp3
Streamlined Shakespeare 37-08-30 Twelfth Night.mp3
Streamlined Shakespeare 37-08-34 Henry-iv.mp3
Train Time xxxxxx Audition. Aboard the Golden State Limited (So. Pacific RR).mp3
Treasury Agent 470811 018 TCOT Faithful Wife.mp3
Treasury Salute 460220 326 A Memory of Courage (128-48).mp3
Treasury Salute 460227 327 To Private Robert W. Miller (128-48).mp3
Treasury Star Parade 420318 xxx Amos ‘n’ Andy Special (Arbadella’s Stamp Collection).mp3
Treasury Varieties 490528 1st Song – The Third Man Theme.mp3
True Detective Mysteries 37xxxx 025 TCOT Reprocessed Bride aka A Body Is Found In A Cemetery.mp3
True Detective Mysteries 471228 xxx Dream of Richard Lauber.mp3
Twin Views of The News 490821 Ray Bolger and Bennett Cerf are Interviewed. From the Stork Club.mp3
Twin Views of The News 490904 Hy Gardner Interviews Texas Millionaire Glen McCarthy.mp3
USO On with the Show 49xxxx First song ‘ Embraceable You’ Host – George Murphy (128-48)(1).mp3
USO On with the Show 49xxxx First song ‘ Embraceable You’ Host – George Murphy (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 001 Sales Audition and Intro to Uncle Ezra (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 002 The Word ‘Together’ and the American Way of Living (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 003 Ed Judson Takes Pleasure in Performing Honest Labor (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 277 Cousin Horley, the Medicine Tester (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 278 An Unsung Hero; The Carrier Pigeon (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 279 A Salute to the Farmer (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 280 Rankin Good and the Battleship Fund (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 281 Rowdy and the Church Bells (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 282 The Cannonball is Delayed on Lookout Hill (128-48).mp3
Uncle Ezra Show 44xxxx 283 Driving Automobiles Safely (128-48).mp3
VE Plus 350 460423 United Jewish Appeal Due to Holocaust (128-48)(1).mp3
VE Plus 350 460423 United Jewish Appeal Due to Holocaust (128-48).mp3
VE-Day Special 450508 Victory Program Host – Bob Hope {AFRS}.mp3
Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 450329 0790 1st Song – Maria, My Own. Lawrence Welk AHO {AFRS #0635} (192-44).mp3
Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 450330 0791 1st Song – Blue Moon. Gene Krupa AHO{AFRS #0636} (192-44).mp3
Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 450613 0855 1st Song – Robin Hood. Louis Prima AHO {AFRS #0712} (192-44).mp3
Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 450709 0867 1st Song – Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise. Glen Gray AHO {AFRS #0713} (192-44).mp3
Victory Theatre 420824 Love Comes to Andy Brown {Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll}.mp3
Village Store 441026 58 1st Song – Is You is Or is You Ain’t My Baby. Host, Joan Davis {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Village Store xxxxxx 87 1st Song – Come With Me My Honey. Joan Davis, Jack Haley {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Voice of Industry 37xxxx 02 The Story of Canning.mp3
Voices From The Air 25xxxx Experimental Stations (128-48).mp3
Waltz Time 410530 xxx 1st Song – A Madrigal of May. Abe Lyman AHO, Frank Munn.mp3
Waltz Time 441110 058 1st Song – Together. Abe Lyman AHO, Frank Munn {AFRS} (128-48).mp3
Ways of Mankind 521214 01 A Word In Your Ear, A Study In Language (128-48).mp3
Ways of Mankind 521228 03 Desert Soliloquy-A Study In Education (128-48).mp3
Ways of Mankind 530104 04 When Greek Meets Greek – A Study in Values (128-48).mp3
Ways of Mankind 530111 05 TCO The Sea Lion Flippers-A Study In Ethics (128-48).mp3
Ways of Mankind 530301 12 But I Know What I Like-A Study In The Arts (128-48).mp3
Wayside Theater 381002 003 Romance In Old Monterey. WBBM Aircheck.mp3
Wayside Theater 381106 008 Rest Cure. WBBM Aircheck.mp3
Wayside Theater 381211 013 Madcap Princess. WBBM Aircheck.mp3
Wayside Theater 390101 016 TAOT Absent Minded Professor. WBBM Aircheck.mp3
Wayside Theater 390108 017 Love Goes To Night School. WBBM Aircheck.mp3
Wayside Theater 390122 019 Food For Thought. WBBM Aircheck.mp3
Wayside Theater 390205 021 Lily Brown Leaves. WBBM Aircheck.mp3
Wayside Theater 390312 026 Love In A Taxi. WBBM Aircheck.mp3
We Hold These Truths 411215 150th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights (64-44).mp3
We Love And Learn 490429 xxx Thelma Visits Dixie.mp3
We Love And Learn 490624 xxx Jim Plans To Ask Thelma To Return.mp3
We Love And Learn 500728 xxx Jim A Spendthrift. Sweetheart One-Cent Sale,.mp3
We The People 400206 xxx 1st Song – Yours is My Hearty Alone. Daughter of Lillian Russell.mp3
We The People 400903 xxx A Young Newsboy Finds a Dog.mp3
Weei Job Center 480111 xxx Jobs For Vets (128-48).mp3
Western Auto Circle Arrow Show 480515 xxx 1st Song – East Side, West Side (128-48) FAIRLY SCRATCHY. END CUT.mp3
Western Auto Circle Arrow Show 481031 1st Song – Blue Eyed Sally (128-44).mp3
Western Auto Circle Arrow Show 481114 1st Song – Let’s All Sing Like The Birdies Sing (128-44).mp3
Westward Ho xxxxxx xxx 1st Song – Empty Saddles in the Old Corral(1).mp3
Westward Ho xxxxxx xxx 1st Song – Empty Saddles in the Old Corral.mp3
Westward Ho xxxxxx xxx 1st Song – The Navajo Trail.mp3
What’s Doin Ladies 471030 xxx Best Sellers. What’s the Definition of a Good Housewife.mp3
What’s New In Agriculture 5009xx xxx Capper’s Farmer Magazine(1).mp3
What’s New In Agriculture 5009xx xxx Capper’s Farmer Magazine.mp3
Whatever Became of 670214 Buck Rogers.mp3
Whatever Became of 670516 Great Gildersleeve #2.mp3
Whatever Became of 67xxxx Just Plain Bill.mp3
Whatever Became of 681203 xxx Nora Drake (Mary Jane Higby Dicusses Her Book) END CUT.mp3
Whatever Became of 701215 Easy Aces.mp3
Whatever Became of xxxxxx Big Town END CUT.mp3
Whatever Became of xxxxxx Let’s Pretend #1 Guest – Bill Rogers (Uncle Bill).mp3
Whatever Became of xxxxxx Let’s Pretend #2 Guest – Sybil Trent.mp3
Whatever Became of xxxxxx Pepper Young’s Family.mp3
Wiley Walker & Gene Sullivan xx0704 1st Song – The Washington And Lee Swing (128-48).mp3
Win, Place Or Show 460707 1st Question; What Kind of Coffee is ‘Cafe Au Lait’.mp3
Winner’s Circle xxxxxx Audition. 1st Song – You’re Thoughtless.mp3
Witch’s Tale 1934 Syndication Promo.mp3
Witch’s Tale 320516 050 Rat in a Trap(1).mp3
Witch’s Tale 320926 067 The Hairy Monster.mp3
Witch’s Tale 321017 070 The Haunted Crossroads.mp3
Witch’s Tale 330220 087 Happy Ending Part 2.mp3
Witch’s Tale 330626 105 The House of The Bridegroom Part 2.mp3
Witch’s Tale 340315 015 Rockabye Baby.mp3
Witch’s Tale 340405 142 The Gypsy’s Hand.mp3
Witch’s Tale 350724 204 Honeymoon Cottage Part 2.mp3
Witch’s Tale 350822 208 The Bronze Venus Part 1.mp3