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The Lone Ranger Rides Again!

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Here are 7 1951 Decca Records of The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger Finds Dan Reed.mp3
The Lone Ranger Finds Silver.mp3
The Lone Ranger Helps the Colonel’s Son.mp3
The Lone Ranger Meets the War Horse.mp3
The Lone Ranger Origin Of The Lone Ranger.mp3
The Lone Ranger Saves the Boonville Gold.mp3
The Lone Ranger Tonto saves the Lone Range.mp3

DELETE these shows
43-01-11-LRanger-1556 Showdown.mp3
43-12-10-LRanger-1699 Dan Reids Adventure.mp3
47-12-17-LRanger-2326 An Act Of Faith.mp3
48-03-17-LRanger-2365 Like Father Like Son.mp3
49-08-31-LRanger-2593 Gunman for Hire.mp3
52-12-19-LRanger-3110 Apache Peril.mp3
54-08-27-LRanger-3374 Crime Wave aka Wilson Brothers Escape Jail.mp3

The following are either new or upgraded shows
37-12-17 (0763) The Osage Bank Robbery.mp3
The Lone Ranger 43-01-13 (1558) Beaded Holster.mp3
The Lone Ranger 44-02-02 (1722) Deal for Cattle.mp3
The Lone Ranger 46-03-06 (2047) Camelback Trail.mp3
The Lone Ranger 47-02-07 (2192) Framed Out of Trouble.mp3
The Lone Ranger 47-02-10 (2193) Silas Turnbulls Legacy.mp3
The Lone Ranger 47-02-28 (2201) Jacks Horse Blackie.mp3
The Lone Ranger 47-04-28 (2226) The Fifteenth Cull.mp3
The Lone Ranger 47-04-30 (2227) Mr Gulliver.mp3
The Lone Ranger 47-10-17 (2300) Big Man.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-02-09 (2349) Flood Waters.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-05-28 (2398) The Munson Gang.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-06-04 (2399) Call from Rosita.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-06-25 (2408) Granite for the UP.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-06-27 (2409) Frontier Day Race.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-08-18 (2431) Chisholm Trail.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-08-20 (2432) Grudge Patoff.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-08-23 (2433) Stranger in Camp.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-08-25 (2434) Range Warfare.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-12-03 (2477) Double Trouble.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-12-13 (2481) Fast on the Draw.mp3
The Lone Ranger 48-12-15 (2482) Last Chance Mine.mp3
The Lone Ranger 49-03-02 (2515) Rifes Underground.mp3
The Lone Ranger 49-04-15 (2534) A Lady Called Cannonball.mp3
The Lone Ranger 49-11-04 (2621) Thousand Mile Fight.mp3
The Lone Ranger 50-09-04 (2751) Moutain Siege.mp3
The Lone Ranger 51-06-06 (2869) The Deserter.mp3
The Lone Ranger 51-09-10 (2910) Renegades Revenge.mp3
The Lone Ranger 51-10 (2922) Lew Barrys Revenge.mp3
The Lone Ranger 51-11-02 (2933) Warpaint and Feathers.mp3
The Lone Ranger 51-11-05 (2934) Major Ravenshaw.mp3
The Lone Ranger 53-08-19 (3214) Dan Reid’s Fight for Life.mp3

Thanks you know who!


UFO Talk Interviews

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The OTRR is preparing to make a large purchase of about $2000.00, and we are a bit short of that amount in the treasury, so we offering 20 hours of UFO Talk Interviews in one set!  You don’t want to miss this one.  It’s available for a donation of $10.00 using the ‘donate’ button on the home page.

And for those of you who missed it the first go-round, we have 50 hours of the Long John Nebel  UFO Radio Show of the 1950s for a donation of $10.00.  But if you act fast, you can get both sets for a donation of $15.00.  That’s over 70 hours!

The new material will eventually wind up on the Library for FREE!

Get them before they are all gone!  You’ll want to add them to your collection of 50s radio.


New in the Library

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

These are either new or updated episodes for you to listen to.

Gang Busters 50-06-10 The Case Of The Inside Track.mp3
Gang Busters 50-09-30 The Case Of The Temperate Thief.mp3
Grand Ole Opry xx-xx-xx #202 First Song – Highway To Nowhere.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-01 Political Crossfire.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-03 Spy Master.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-08 The Changing Alibi.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-10 Keys To A Robbery.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-15 Election Boomerang.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-17 Proof Of Treasure.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-22 Jeff Warren’s Safe.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-24 Unknown Assassin.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-29 The Microfilm Of Death.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-10-31 The Hawkridge Gems.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-11-05 A Friday Night In The Mountains.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-11-07 The Simple Clue.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-11-12 The Triple Cross.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-11-14 Ceiling On Crime.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-11-19 The Cigarette Filters.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-11-21 Shipment For Korea.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-11-26 Gas House Ending.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-11-28 Murder And Espionage.mp3
Green Hornet, The 52-12-05 Axford’s Romantic Disaster.mp3
Green Hornet, Thr52-12-03 Pretenders To The Throne.mp3
Inner Sanctum 45-01-09 Desert Death.mp3
Inner Sanctum 45-04-17 The Judas Clock.mp3
Inner Sanctum 45-05-01 The Girl And The Gallows.mp3
Inner Sanctum 45-05-22 Dead To Rights.mp3
Inner Sanctum 45-06-19 Dead Men’s Holiday.mp3
Inner Sanctum 46-05-07 You Could Die Laughing.mp3
Inner Sanctum 46-05-21 Detour To Terror.mp3
Inner Sanctum 49-01-10 Murder Comes To Life.mp3
Inner Sanctum 49-01-31 The Devil’s Fortune.mp3
Inner Sanctum 49-03-28 Appointment With Death.mp3
Inner Sanctum 49-05-16 The Unburied Dead.mp3
Inner Sancturm 52-08-24.mp3
Kay Kysers Kollege of Musical Knowledge 44-08-16 AFRS 95 San Luis Obispo.mp3
Kay Kysers Kollege of Musical Knowledge 44-10-11 AFRS 103 San Francisco.mp3
Kay Kysers Kollege of Musical Knowledge 44-12-13 AFRS 112 San Diego.mp3
Kay Kysers Kollege of Musical Knowledge 45-07-25 Hollywood.mp3
Lets Go To The Opera 46-09-22 (22) The King’s Prayer.mp3
Lets Go To The Opera 46-09-23 (23) The Empresario.mp3
Lets Go To The Opera 46-10-05 (24) The Flying Dutchman.mp3
Lets Go To The Opera 46-10-13 (25) Derosian Cavalier.mp3
Lets Go To the Opera  46-08-14 (15) The Secret Of Suzanne.mp3
Life of Riley 1944-04-16 Proxy Wedding (Part 1).mp3
Life of Riley 1944-04-23 Proxy Wedding (Part 2).mp3
Life of Riley 1945-03-18 Riley tries to become a pal to Junior.mp3
Life of Riley 1945-03-25 Missing five dollars.mp3
Life of Riley 1946-06-29 Paper route subscription contest to go to camp.mp3
Life of Riley 1946-11-02 Peg & Riley both run for park supervisor.mp3
Life of Riley 1947-02-01 Mr X – Riley switched as a baby.mp3
Life of Riley 1947-11-29 Thanksgiving with the Gillises.mp3
Life of Riley 1948-04-24 Spring fever.mp3
Life of Riley 1948-08-27 Riley’s night job.mp3
Life of Riley 1949-02-25 Sneak preview of ‘The Life of Riley’ movie.mp3
Life of Riley 1949-11-25 Thanksgiving dinner with the boss.mp3
Life of Riley 1950-05-19 The electric company and Simon and Babs.mp3
Life of Riley 1950-05-26 Peg in a beauty contest.mp3
Life of Riley 1951-05-04 Riley and the marriage certificate.mp3
Life of Riley 1951-06-01 Riley and the ballet.mp3
Line Up 52-06-03 Don Smiley.mp3
Line-Up, The 51-03-27 The Lapinish Lighter-Upper Case.mp3
Listeners Playhouse 40-08-31 Who You Pushing Brother.mp3
Living 1948 48-03-21 Silver Chords And Apron Strings.mp3
Living 1948 48-03-28 I Am With You Always.mp3
Living 1948 48-04-04 From A Gentleman In Mufti.mp3
Living 1948 48-04-11 As Europe sees us.mp3
Living 1948 48-04-18 USA Growing Pains.mp3
Living 1948 48-04-25 Home Broken Home.mp3
Living 1949 49-01-16 Inside Innagurations.mp3
Living 1949 49-01-23 The Biggest Job In The World.mp3
Living 1949 49-01-30 The State Of American Humor with Fred Allen.mp3
Living 1949 49-02-06 Operation Co-operation.mp3
Living 1949 49-02-13 Only One To A Customer.mp3
Living 1949 49-02-20 Who Rides The Tiger.mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-08 Lumber for the Railroad (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-10 The Wrong Redskin (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-12 Outlaws in War Paint (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-15 Race to Dry Creek (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-17 Ambush at Bright Rainbow (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-19 Mortgages Paid Off (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-22 Badlands for Badmen (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-24 Clouds Across the Moon (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-26 Quicksand for a Gambler (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-06-29 Trouble at the Canyon (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-07-01 Kidnapped (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-07-03 Surprise at Sunrise (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1942-07-06 End of the Iron Spur (Iron Spur Series).mp3
Lone Ranger 1947-03-03 Runaway Railroad.mp3
Lone Ranger 1947-11-07 The Union Pacific Series – Part One.mp3
Lone Ranger 1947-11-10 The Union Pacific Series – Part Two.mp3
Lone Ranger 1947-11-12 The Union Pacific Series – Part Three.mp3
Lone Ranger 1947-11-14 The Union Pacific Series – Part Four.mp3
Lone Ranger 1948-11-01 The Flashlight Ring – Part One.mp3
Lone Ranger 1948-11-03 The Flashlight Ring – Part Two.mp3
Mr And Mrs North 43-09-22 The Contagious Confession.mp3
Mr And Mrs North 44-08-05 Pam Keeps Out Of Trouble (Mystery Plhse).mp3
Mr And Mrs North 50-12-05 Who Killed Mr Stefano.mp3
Mr And Mrs North 52-02-12 The Premature Corpse.mp3
Mr And Mrs North 53-12-22 Background For Murder.mp3
Mr And Mrs North 53-12-29 The Witness.mp3
Mr And Mrs North 54-02-23 Winter Honeymoon.mp3
Mr And Mrs North xx-xx-xx Murder For Sale.mp3
Nick Carter 1943-09-27 Glass Coffin.mp3
Nick Carter 1943-10-18 State’s Prison Evidence.mp3
Nick Carter 1943-11-10 Drug Ring Murder.mp3
Nick Carter 1943-11-17 Substitute Bride.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-01 Professor’s Secret.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-04-02 Eight Records of Death.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-05-28 COT Demented Daughter.mp3
Nick Carter 1947-12-07 COT Exploded Alibi.mp3
Nick Carter 1947-12-28 COT Missing Street.mp3
Nick Carter 1948-01-04 COT Devil’s Left Eye.mp3
Nick Carter 1948-03-14 COT Last Old Timer.mp3
Nick Carter 1948-03-21 COT Magic Rope.mp3
Nick Carter 1948-04-04 COT Star of Evil.mp3
Nick Carter 1949-12-25 COT Phantom Shoplifter.mp3
Night Watch 54-05-03 Glass Breaker.mp3
Night Watch 54-07-10 Hammer 211.mp3
Official Detective 56-02-03 Butcher Shop Murder.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-04-13 Alice’s Easter Dress.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-04-20 Alices’ Old Boyfriend, George Henderson.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-04-27 Phil is Directed to Fire His Band.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-05-04 Helping Alice with Spring Cleaning.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-05-11 The Harris Kids on TV.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-05-18 Julius is Missing.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-05-25 Alice’s Surprise Party for Mr. Scott.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-10-05 Hotel Harris.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-10-12 The Stolen US Mail.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-10-19 Phil the Television Star.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-10-26 Baby Alice’s First Date.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-11-02 Phil Helps Get Out the Vote.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-11-09 Surprise Party for Phil.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-11-16 Alice Buys a Business.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-11-23 The Football Tickets.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-11-30 Elliot’s Girlfriend’s Name is on Phil’s Chest.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-12-07 Julius is in Jail.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-12-14 An Elephant for Mr Scott.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-12-21 Women’s Club Santa Claus.mp3
Phil Harris 1952-12-28 New Year’s Eve Party at the Harrises.mp3


O Say Can You See…

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Some people report not being able to see ‘The Navy Swings’, and ‘Jazz Club, USA’.  However, I can see them and download them just fine.

Tell me, are they there or no?


For All Old Time Radio Fans

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Here’s a little something that every old time radio fan should have in their collection.  The anniversary recording of the phonograph.  Without it there’d be no radio.  You can find it under the ‘P’s – Phonograph anniversary.


Navy Swings, The

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Here’s another for you music lovers – Navy Swings, The



Jazz Club USA

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Jazz Club USA has been added to the Library for all you music lovers.  Hope you like!



New Melody Round-ups

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

Melody Roundup 51-02-05 _(xxxx)_ First Song – Dixie Cannonball (Gene Autry).mp3
Melody Roundup xx-xx-xx _(0172)_ First Song – Good Old Fashioned Hoedown.mp3
Melody Roundup xx-xx-xx _(xxxx)_ First Song – Sunny Side Of The Rockies (Gene Autry).mp3
Melody Roundup xx-xx-xx _(xxxx)_ First Song – When Payday Rolls Around (Gene Autry) copy.mp3
Melody Roundup xx-xx-xx _(xxxx)_ First Song – You Stole My Heart (Gene Autry).mp3

I hope that you like these.