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Attention PodCast Providers

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Do you host a podcast or internet radio station?  If so you need to be taking advantage of the ‘Audio Files’ in the Library.  There are over 320 series synopsis and stars bios that you can use.  Only restriction is that you use them ‘as is’, and make no alterations to them.


Smiley Burnette comes to the Library

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

I have added 288 episodes of the Smiley Burnette Show to the library.  If you like western stories and music, this series is for you.


The Twilight Zone

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

I have reworked ‘The Twilight Zone’ and added two of the three missing episodes.  I am still missing #166 – Mrs. Pierce is Praying for Me’.  If any of you have it, I would appreciate it being sent to

This series will be taken off the shelves of the Library in two weeks, so you better grab while you can.


The Twilight Zone

Friday, February 10th, 2017

For all you Science Fiction fans we offer the remaning(minus 3) episodes of The Twilight Zone.  If any of you have the three missing episodes, please send them to me for addition to the library.

131.  Night Call.mp3
132. Kick The Can.mp3
133. A Game Of Pool.mp3
134. A Penny For Your Thoughts.mp3
135. Free Dirt.mp3
136. Number Twelve Looks Just Like You.mp3
137. On Thursday We Leave For Home.mp3
138. Third From The Sun.mp3
139. The Trouble With Templeton.mp3
140. The Mirror.mp3
141. The Prime Mover.mp3
143. The Four Of Us Are Dying.mp3
144. Sixteen Millimeter Shrine.mp3
145. The Shelter.mp3
146. Young Man’s Fancy.mp3
147. Probe 7 Over And Out.mp3
148. Two.mp3
149. Who Am I.mp3
150. The Bewitching Pool.mp3
151. The Hunt.mp3
152. Passage On The Lady Anne.mp3
153. Execution.mp3
154. Steel.mp3
155. The Amazing Dr. Kyle Powers.mp3
156. Nothing In The Dark.mp3
157. There Goes The Neighborhood.mp3
158. The Walk-Abouts.mp3
159. An Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge.mp3
160. Now You Hear It, Now You Don’t.mp3
161. Once Upon A Time.mp3
162. The Invaders.mp3
163. Beewinjapeedee.mp3
164. Eye Of The Beholder.mp3
165. I Sing The Body Electric.mp3
167. The Time Of Your Life.mp3
168. 10 Days.mp3
169. Snow Angel.mp3
170. Nanobots.mp3
171. Twenty-Twelve.mp3
172. …And Cauldron Bubble.mp3
175. The 25th Hour – Dec-15-2012 Sat   hr2.mp3
176. Another Place In Time – May-25-2013 Sat  KFWB-LAX   hr2.mp3



Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

For the Catholics in our database we offer -

Catholic Hour With Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.


A Saint Patrick’s Day Collection

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Here is a collection of episodes and songs pertaining to Saint Patrick’s Day.  You can find the collection in the “S” section of the Library.


Lohman & Barkley

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Here is a large number of snippets from a drive-time radio show.  All characters are done by the two hosts.
You can find it in the ‘L’ Section of the Library.



Some Music Shows

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Concert Hall – AFRS #122 – Robert Goldsan, Jussi Bjoerling.mp3
Concert Hall – AFRS #125 – 1946-10-28 – Guests – Josef Hoffman & Lily Pons, 1st – Claire de Lune (Hoffman).mp3
Concert Hall – AFRS #128 – James Melton, Oscar Levant.mp3
Concert Hall – AFRS #130 – Gladys Swarthout, Andres Segovia.mp3
Concert Hall – AFRS #131 – Luberschutz and Neminoff (duo-pianists), Dorothy Kirsten, Martha Lipton.mp3
Concert Hall – AFRS #134 – 1946- Guests – Vera Brodski, Maggie Tate, 1st – from ‘Manon’ (Massenet) (Tate).mp3
Concert Hall – AFRS #135 1947-01-13 – Fritz Kreisler, Lauitz Melchior.mp3
Concert Hall – AFRS #136 – Earl Wild Plays Piano Concert in A Minor (Grieg).mp3
Concert Hall – AFRS #138 – Christopher Lynch, Jack Crawson.mp3
Concert Hall – AFRS #139 – Maria Kurenko, Fritz Kreisler.mp3
Hollywood Star Time-1946-11-16_0024_Three Men on a Horse (AFRS #38.mp3
Symphonies of the World – AFRS #0001 – 1946-07-14 CBS Symphony, Symphony, no. 31 in D major Mozart, Maurice Ravel – Old American country sets (Ravel)(Henry Cowell).mp3
Symphonies of the World – AFRS #0003 – 1946-09-15 NBC Symphony – Prelude in C# Minor (Rachmaninoff), Symphony, No.2 in E minor (Rachmaninoff)(Frank Black, Cond).mp3
Symphonies of the World – AFRS #0004 – 1946-07-28 CBS Symphony, Alexander Borodin Program.mp3
Symphonies of the World – AFRS #0007 – 1946-08-04 CBS Symphony – Soloist Very Brodsky – 1st Kabalevsky’s Concerto.mp3
Symphonies of the World – AFRS #0011 – 1946-10-20 NBC Symphony – 1st Beethoven Symphony of Prometheus.mp3
Symphonies of the World – AFRS #0012 – 1946-11-02 ABC Symphony – 1st Mendelssohn’s Overture to Mid-Summer’s Night Dream.mp3
Symphonies of the World – AFRS #0013 – 1946-10-27 NBC Symphony – 1st  – Wagner’s Faust.mp3
Symphonies of the World – AFRS #0015 – 1946-11-09 ABC Symphony – Wagner die Meistersinger.mp3

These are kind of Highbrow, but they are all I have at the moment.  The Symphonies are quite big.


Some to start off the new year

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Here are some for you to start off the new year!  They are all encoded at 96, – most are not new, just better encodes.  Look carefully at the Red Skelton, you might find some new ones there.

Couple Next Door 1958-02-03 Lost Coat At Restaurant.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-04 Jewelry Store Robbery.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-05 To The Police Station.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-06 Table Manners.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-07 Getting Rid Of Things.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-10 House For Sale.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-11 To Sell Or Not To Sell.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-12 Signing The Papers.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-13 Getting Ready To Go Out.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-14 Looking At Lakefront Property.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-17 Betsy Runs Away.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-18 Helping Mrs Haines.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-19 Meeting With Mr Rogers.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-20 Waiting Outside The Department Store.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-21 Problems With Lake Property.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-24 Betsy Wants To Be A Hollyhock.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-25 Taking Coat Off Trick.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-26 Painting Of Ancestor.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-27 Looking At Apartments.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-02-28 The Broken Dish.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-03 The Ant Farm.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-04 The Long Distance Call.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-05 Betsy The Model.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-06 The School Bus.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-07 The Driver’s Test.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-10 Asking Betsy To Pose.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-11 The Pencil Sharpener.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-12 Negotiating the Price.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-13 The New Dress.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-14 Dropping In For A Visit.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-18 Contest For Hawaii Trip.mp3
Couple Next Door 1958-03-19 Second Thoughts About Betsy.mp3
Family Theater 1948-02-19 The Future Is Yours.mp3
Family Theater 1948-02-26 Life’s a Circus.mp3
Family Theater 1948-03-04 Dear Mr American.mp3
Family Theater 1948-03-11 The Man Who Died Twice.mp3
Family Theater 1948-03-18 Talent for Living.mp3
Family Theater 1948-03-25 The Passion and Death of Christ.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-01 Little Boy Blue.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-08 Toledo Smith.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-15 Wanted- One Baby.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-22 Eddie Meets the Family.mp3
Family Theater 1948-04-29 Their Only Son.mp3
Family Theater 1948-05-06 Mother’s Halo Was Tight.mp3
Family Theater 1948-05-13 Song For a Long Road.mp3
Family Theater 1948-05-20 A Thief In The Night.mp3
Family Theater 1948-05-27 The Unsung Hero.mp3
Family Theater 1948-06-03 The High Boarded Fence.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-01-15 Nine Hours To Live.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-01-22 Records of Death.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-03-25 The Drums of Death.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-08 Murder by Magic.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-17 Kidnap For Sale Part One.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-18 Kidnap For Sale Part Two.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-19 Kidnap For Sale Part Three.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-21 Kidnap For Sale Part Five.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-24 Kidnap For Sale Part Six (no open).mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-25 Kidnap For Sale Part Seven.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-26 Kidnap For Sale Part Eight.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-04-27 Kidnap For Sale Part Nine.mp3
Nick Carter 1944-10-22 Murder on Mad Mountain.mp3
Nick Carter 1945-04-29 The Witch of Donderberg Mountain.mp3
Nick Carter 1945-08-05 The Case of the Hanging Paperhanger.mp3
Nick Carter 1945-09-09 The Case of the Talking Tree.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-01-06 The Case of the Wandering Corpse.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-01-27 The Body in the Ice.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-06-18 The Case of the Make Believe Robbery.mp3
Nick Carter 1946-09-01 The Case of the Red Goose Murder.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-02-16 Whence Came You.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-08-02 It Is Later Than You Think.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-08-09 The Thing on the Fourble Board.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-03 Meet John Smith, John.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-10 Beezar’s Cellar.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-17 And Jeannie Dreams of Me.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-24 Good Ghost.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-10-31 Calling All Souls.mp3
Quiet Please 1948-11-07 Adam and the Darkest Day.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-01-02 Time of the Big Snow.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-01-30 Northern Lights.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-02-06 Tap the Heat, Bogdan.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-02-13 Valentine.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-02-27 If I Should Wake Before I Die.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-03-06 The Man Who Knew Everything.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-03-13 Dark Rosaleen.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-03-27 A Time to Be Born and a Time to Die.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-04-17 Shadow of the Wings.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-05-21 The Oldest Man in the World.mp3
Quiet Please 1949-05-28 In the House Where I Was Born.mp3
Red Skelton 1947-05-04 Memos of the Tarnished West (Rehearsal for 05-06-47 Broadcast).mp3
Red Skelton 1947-09-16 The Life of a Fireman.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-04-27 Baseball.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-05-04 Our Educational System.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-05-18 Jealousy.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-05-25 Faults of Relatives.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-06-01 People You’ll Meet Sooner or Later.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-11-19 Neighborhood Theater.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-12-17 A GI Joe Remembers Christmas.mp3
Red Skelton 1948-12-24 Christmas Tree Salesman.mp3
Red Skelton 1949-01-28 The Troubles of the Doctor.mp3
Red Skelton 1949-04-20 Build It Yourself Bed (Rehearsal for 04-22-49 Broadcast).mp3
Red Skelton 1949-11-04 Aladdin’s Lamp (Rehearsal for 11-06-49 Broadcast).mp3
Red Skelton 1949-12-04 Red Does the Shopping.mp3
Red Skelton 1949-12-11 Red Is a Cab Driver.mp3
Red Skelton 1949-12-18 Red and Rod Go Shopping.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1945-12-31 The Case of the Iron Box.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-01-07 The Strange Case of the Murder in Wax.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-01-14 Murder Beyond the Mountains.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-01-28 Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-02-04 The Indiscretion of Mr Edwards (aka Murder Under The Big Top).mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-02-11 The Guileless Gypsy.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-02-18 The Camberwell Poisoning.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-03-04 The Submarine Caves.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-03-25 The Girl With the Gazelle.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-04-08 Disappearing Scientists.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-04-15 The Mystery of the Headless Monk.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-04-22 The Tankerville Club Scandal.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-04-29 The Waltz of Death.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-05-13 The Uneasy Easy Chair.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-05-20 The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes.mp3
Sherlock Holmes 1946-05-27 The Baconian Cipher.mp3


Just in time for Christmas

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Just in time for Christmas, here are some new or better encodes for you to peruse.

AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx  #069 – AFRS -  1st – Bill Stewart with a story about Cincinati Pitcher Johnny Vand Der Meer.mp3
AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx  #070 – AFRS – 1st Bill Brandt with Story about Ed McGinley and Son.mp3
AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx #063 AFRS – First – Bill Stern ‘The Legend of Tommy Hitchcock’.mp3
AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx #064 – AFRS – First – Bill Stern – Yarns About Tennis.mp3
AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx #067 – AFRS.mp3
AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx #068 – AFRS – First Bill Stern story sports rivalry.mp3
AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx #071 – AFRS – 1st Bill Stern how Connie Mack started his career.mp3
AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx #072 – AFRS – 1st Jimmy Young story about Albie Booth.mp3
AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx #101 – AFRS – 1st Bill Stern story about Teddy Roosevelt.mp3
AFRS Sportsreel 46-xx-xx #102 – AFRS – 1st – interviews with Jack Cramer  & Bill Schroeder.mp3
Boyd Raeburn 46-08-12 1st – The Hep Boyd.mp3
Command Performance #344 AFRS.mp3
Command Performance #357 AFRS.mp3
Command Performance #364 AFRS.mp3
Command Performance #371 AFRS.mp3
Command Performance #379 AFRS (C).mp3
Command Performance #382 AFRS (C).mp3
Corner Newstand 48-04-16 Audition.mp3
Downbeat – #271 – AFRS – 1st – Cherry (Ernie Caceras).mp3
Downbeat – #290 – AFRS – 1st – Father Cooperate (Earl Hines).mp3
Downbeat – #291 – AFRS – 1st – Mountain Air (Charlie Shavers, Earl Hines).mp3
Downbeat – #294 – AFRS – Chu Berry, Mary Lou Williams, Eddie Heywood).mp3
Downbeat – #295- AFRS – 1st – I Surrender Dear (Coleman Hawkins).mp3
Downbeat – #296 – AFRS – variety – 1st – St. James Infirmary Blues (Artie Shaw).mp3
Downbeat xx-xx-xx  #270 – AFRS 1st – For Musician’s Only.mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1942-09-30 Guests – Hattie McDaniel, Ida Lupino.mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1942-10-14 Guest – Rudy Vallee.mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1943-01-27 – Guest Rudy Vallee – bad spots pt. 02 – Rondine dub-(cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1943-01-27 Guests – Rudy Vallee, Betty Hutton.mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1943-03-17 Guest – Kay Francis.mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1943-03-24 Guest – Marlene Dietrich.mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1943-06-02 Guest – Rochester.mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1943-06-16 Guest -  Joe E Brown.mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1943-06-23 Guest – Vera Vague.mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1943-10-13 – Guest Ida Lupino – badly decayed cardboard ET – joined, skips -  Rondine dub cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile 1943-10-27 – Guest Betty Hutton – from decayed cardboard ET – Rondine dub (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
FBI In Peace And War 1952-10-15.mp3
GI Jive – #1448 – AFRS – songs by Artie Shaw.mp3
GI Jive – #1449 – AFRS – songs by Bing Crosby.mp3
GI Jive – #1470 – AFRS – 1st – For You (Tommy Dorsey).mp3
GI Jive – #1502 – AFRS – 1st – It Must Be True (Bing Crosby, Gus Arnheim).mp3
Jill’s All Time Juke Box #104 1st – I Got Rhythm (Benny Goodman) (Part 1).mp3
Jill’s All Time Juke Box #107 1st – Muscrat Ramble (Sindney Bechet) (Part 1).mp3
June Dairy Month Show 1952-06-xx Fibber McGee & Molly, Bob Hope.mp3
Lud Gluskin & His Orchestra – CP MacGregor #2247 – 01 – Granada.mp3
Lud Gluskin & His Orchestra – CP MacGregor #2247 – 03 – Hymn To The Sun.mp3
Lud Gluskin & His Orchestra – CP MacGregor #2247 – 04 – Ay Ay Ay.mp3
Lud Gluskin & His Orchestra – CP MacGregor #2248 – 01 – Farondale.mp3
Lud Gluskin & His Orchestra – CP MacGregor #2248 – 02 – Artist’s Life.mp3
Lud Gluskin & His Orchestra – CP MacGregor #2248 – 03 – Eli Eli.mp3
Lud Gluskin & His Orchestra – CP MacGregor #2248 – 04 – Annie Laurie & Charlie is My Darling.mp3
Magic Carpet AFRS 225 Benny Goodman.mp3
Magic Carpet AFRS 226 Les Brown.mp3
Mail Call #315 AFRS (C).mp3
Mail Call #345 AFRS (C).mp3
Mail Call 312 (H-1-312) no date.mp3
McMohan’s Midnight Roundup 1942-03-25 Audition.mp3
Personality Plus 1941-06-26 Mrs Lionel Atwell and Mrs Kip Roberts WWDC (cleanedIzonCR).mp3
Personality Plus 1941-06-26 Mrs Lionel Atwell and Mrs Kip Roberts.mp3
Screen Guild Theatre – 461118 -  Armed Forces Radio Theatre #399 – Blind Alley.mp3
Spotlight Bands 1946-07-15 AFRS 871 Guy Lombardo.mp3
Spotlight Bands 1946-07-17 AFRS 872 Xavier Cugat) .mp3
Theatre Guild 520210 The Traitor (C).mp3
To The Rear March AFRS 2 (SSC SP-773 & 4).mp3
Woman’s Home Companion 1930-08-04 Don’t Buy Blind.mp3